Usechain – the mirror identity blockchain

HitBTC welcomes Usechain and the USE token on our platform.
Usechain is working on a technical infrastructure that helps businesses and individuals build identity-based decentralized applications (DAPPS) and offers a concise and convenient real-time Wall Street financial services.

The Mirror Identity Protocol (MIT) is the core foundation for Usechain. The Zero-Knowledge Proof protocol helps separate identity authentication from its identity information and the MIP supports a broad identity-based decentralized application in various scenarios without privacy disclosure. Some of the scenarios include cryptocurrency, finance, consumption, and more other fields.

Led by Professor Huining Cao, the Usechain team consists of top scholars and technical experts in both finance and blockchain. With its collaboration and resources from top business schools, Usechain and other top companies from different industries are striving to build a whole ecosystem that will have potential to attract massive numbers of users.

USE has been available for trading from 31 August 2018.

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