USDT explained

Dear traders,


Several months ago we have introduced USDT currency, enabling its deposits and withdrawals. Fast forward to today, and USDT is firmly settled in HitBTC’s top 5 trading assets list. USDT pairs are highly popular and demanded among traders worldwide, and major crypto parties are showing massive support as well. Here follows the invention of USDT summarised and explained.


USDT is a cryptocurrency asset based on the Bitcoin blockchain. Presented by Tether project, USDT units are backed up by US Dollars, held by Tether. One USDT unit roughly equals 1 USD. The amount of USDT in circulation can be checked via The corresponding amount of USD reserves is proved by Tether bank balance info being published.


USDT combines fiat and crypto advantages. It’s safe and transparent. The bottom line is that USDT holders have price-stable crypto asset for national currency, which operates on the oldest and most secure blockchain.


With Tether on arms you are provided with an extra entry point for fiat trading on HitBTC. Account verification is not required – USDT deposits and withdrawals are performed same as with any other cryptocurrency.


Along with other popular crypto market players HitBTC is at the forefront, building up USDT support. The possibility of using fiat currencies on the blockchain is being brought to life and is highly appreciated by crypto community.


HitBTC continues to strive to provide you with more possibilities for fiat trading. At the moment we are negotiating with financial institutions, aiming to provide you with more exciting features. Stay tuned for further updates and be the first to experience options like instant credit card payments and much more.


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