Tokenville – a blockchain entertainment platform

Dear traders, 

Our diverse community consists of talented people engaged into an amazing variety of projects. Every day we receive attention-grabbing stories, and many of them are definitely worth sharing with you. Today it’s the TV token, the creators of crypto animation shows.

Tokenville Token

Tokenville’s TV token has been integrated to HitBTC recently, and, starting from today, will be traded for BTC, ETH, and USDT.

Based in Russia, Tokenville is a blockchain entertainment platform developing shows such as sports-focused UnlimFootball and a blockchain detective show featuring the legendary CryptoKitties.

The company’s main purpose is to allow the viewers of crypto-subject animation movies not only to watch it, but also to own a part of it and earn on the show’s success. 

Upon the completion of the finale of Deus ETH, the first show in which ERC721 tokens (collectibles) were used, the Tokenville team decided that there should be an intermediate link between cryptocurrency markets and non-fungible tokens. It also encourages long-term engagement with the audience, as some of the shows are finite. So, the company’s TV Token is a utility token (ERC20) to be used in the Tokenville’s shows – including The Crypto Treasures of Mann’o’Taur starring the legendary blue bull, created by Tokenville independently as an homage to our trading platform. New users of Tokenville can claim their free tokens by registering on the show’s website.

We are always happy to hear about the projects you work on, the ideas you develop, your cooperation proposals and feedback. We will continue sharing the ideas you send us, as they represent the amazing intellectual and cultural diversity of our ecosystem.