The CRYPTOPICTURE: a brand new crypto asset

Dear traders,

We value the projects developed by our trader community. Every day we meet dozens of new exciting crypto projects, and we decided to pick some of them to share with you.

CryptoPicture is a brand new advertising space, a 1000×1000 canvas divided into rectangular blocks for sale. Each block is a safe digital asset based on the blockchain principles such as anonymity, hacker-proof safety, collective censorship. Every separate deal – and the whole ad space itself –  is regulated via transparent self-executing smart contract protected by the Ethereum blockchain.

CryptoPicture offers its investors a brand new approach to keeping their money safe by investing it into the advertising space – and earning as the project’s capitalization increases.  Advertising space in the CryptoPicture can be purchased using Ether, with the cost per unoccupied pixel rising incrementally as more and more of them get filled. As such, those who buy a block early are likely to get the most reasonable rates.

After buying a block and uploading a picture, the investor almost immediately gets a huge exposure for their brand or project. CryptoPicture is created by an experienced team and is backed by Photo Lab, one of the most popular photo editing apps in the world. PhotoLab can boast over 10 million monthly users and around 100,000 new downloads per day. It’s ready to provide the CryptoPicture with an increasing exposure and thus add more value per every bit of a client’s spendings for a block.

The CryptoPicture presale successfully happened earlier this year and gathered 6000 ETH ($ 3,000,000). The founders of the project expect that it will cost 1,000,000 ETH (equal to $1 bn) upon its completion, making it the most valuable picture in history.

Discover more about CryptoPicture at the official website of the project.

We wish our trader community good luck in developing your projects. Please feel free to send us some info about yours!