Important: Terms of Use Updated

Important: Terms of Use Updated

Dear Traders,

As you know, HitBTC is putting special efforts into continuous improvement of its service and amending the infrastructure to provide you with the high-level service. Today we are eager to spread the special news for those of you who are already trading or are just planning on getting involved in operating in fiat currencies.

In order to maintain the fiat payments fast and secure HitBTC has changed its bank.

What does this mean?

Currently fiat operations are available to traders residing in the following regions:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Latin America

Other regions are soon to follow.

Whether you have any inquiries, please contact the HitBTC Support at for any additional information.

HitBTC Team

Bitcoin in the News

Bitcoin in the News

Bitcoin is on a rather awesome climb again whilst the halving of the mining reward draws closer. There have also been some other recent interesting developments in the field of blockchain. In this article I will go through the recent events that have been shaping Bitcoin’s price in the very recent past. We are currently witnessing some rather interesting times. Financially, economically and also in the field of technology. On top of the halving of the reward that is predicted to happen around 26th of July there’s also another event of financial significance that is rapidly drawing closer – Brexit. I’m sure you’ve already heard, as you know, all of the news outlets keep banging on about it. Yes, Great Britain is having a referendum on the 23rd of June where people will decide whether they want to remain or leave the European Union.