Bitcoin in May – Price Analysis



 There has been a lot going on in the month of May this year. Some terrible natural disasters and also financially concerning events. Euro has been on a decline since the start of May as Brexit draws closer. The referendum takes place on June the 23rd. Polls are currently suggesting it could go either way, bringing with it uncertainty and pushing the Euro down with it. Why is this important to us regarding the price of Bitcoin? When we see big drops in fiat currencies, Bitcoin skyrockets. Whether Britain decides to vote in or out will make the markets move significantly. In case of Britain actually doing a brexit, I’d start collecting your coins now. Continue reading

Bitcoin in April – Price Analysis

We’re gonna start giving you a monthly overview of the Bitcoin price. Technical analysis is the key to success and trading profitably. This is why we’re going to do a monthly look back on its movements and giving you info on the indicators and support and resistance levels. This will help you have insight into what the price might be up to in the near future, helping you execute more profitable trades.

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Ethereum Price Analysis

Although Bitcoin is still the most traded cryptocurrency, you can make awesome profits with other cryptos as well. Some move more than others, some more volatile, some less. Today I am having a look at what Ethereum has been up to this year and where it might be headed. If you’ve not traded this crypto before, that’s okay, I’ll try and give you an overview of the basics – like what the support & resistance levels are and what to look for. Ethereum too like many other cryptos is very volatile so profits can happen very quickly. And the trading of Ethereum is still in the beginning. Who knows we might see another Bitcoin price like wonder.

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Bitcoin Market Analysis: December 15-21

This week the breakout news was Microsoft and its affects were certainly short lived. Just like PayPal we have a situations where the news sounds good and creates a nice bump, but the near term implications are not very lasting nor critical. We need more companies that are willing to actually embrace Bitcoin and not just as a payment system. Once again this will only lead to additional selling pressure if people do decide to send their bitcoins to Microsoft.

Russia definitely made headlines this past week in two ways. They look serious about penalties to Bitcoin users and that clearly has not had much of an affect as local bitcoins is showing interest is higher than ever. In other news, Russia is announcing an amnesty for all financial capital returning home in a no questions asked policy. That is a great economic chess move if true and if more countries actually did that there might not be a real need for something like Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s greatest advantage is economic freedom and 99% of the world has no idea that economic freedom is what will turn the world around after the next financial crisis, which is definitely coming this decade. It should be the biggest one in our lifetime and Bitcoin will play a major role.

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Bitcoin Market Analysis: December 8-14

In the last overview we were slightly bullish though were looking for a pull back into the $350 area. That move finally arrived after virtually 0 volatility for over two weeks. There were a lot of news events during that time, but what everyone is talking about today seems to be the price that Bitcoin Investment Trust paid to win the 48,000 bitcoins at the auction. Chances are, they got them at a premium to the exchange price though probably not as much as most think. One of the reasons why most want to know is that it might create a more realistic base price for a short period of time. It’s the same reason why small investors listen to Warren Buffet even though there is nothing that he does in his investments that remotely apply to 99.9% of traders or investors.

In other news, it looks like there will be a nice year end for many up and coming Bitcoin companies as more and more VC’s are looking to still get in on the 2014 record year. By we should have officially beaten 1995 Internet sums even if we are ignoring inflation for the time being. ChangeTip was the big beneficiary, as they are getting more and more popular among twitter users. As long as the Mining structure is sound this trend should continue into next year, though something to keep an eye on is the fact that for the first time in 2 years the difficulty has dropped as some miners have shut down their machines due to the continuation of depressed prices.

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