DASH is live on HitBTC!

DASH is live on HitBTC!

Long story short, we have added another currency to HitBTC, and this time it’s Dash. Yes, you got it right – now HitBTC lists both Dash and Dashcoin. Try not to mix those up!

Community interest in Dash has been so great that we have no doubts everybody are well-informed about Dash special features, but we can’t help but give you at least a small insight into this exciting coin.

The coin that is now known to cryptoworld as Dash has been around since January, 2014, first released under the name XCoin, then renamed to Darkcoin, and later on it has gained its current name. Dash is actually a Bitcoin fork, but it also has a two tier network advancing it. Although Dash specifications ares similar to other coins’ in many ways, it has few major competitive advantages that keep it in the high league.
Some of them are listed below.


One can never be fully anonymous in cryptoworld with all the transactions being recorded in blockchain and available to all the users with Internet access. Dash fights it with the anonymization technology called DarkSend (native CoinJoin). This feature utilizes an algorithm that combines the identical inputs into a transaction with several outputs, which makes transactions extremely difficult to trace.


Processing Speed

Dash uses InstantSend technology which allows users to receive transactions in no time just with the same degree of protection against double-spending that comes with several traditional block-level confirmations. Velocity is what matters!



What is Masternode? This is basically a special server which could be run by anyone with at least 1000 DASH. More DASH – more Masternodes.

Masternodes are the cornerstone of Dash network. First, without them it would be impossible to implement DarkSend or achieve high transaction speed. Second, Masternode system encourages users to hold DASH and contribute to Dash network – 45% of block reward goes to Masternode maintainers.

This is one elegant Proof-of-Stake algorithm, combined with traditional Proof-of-Work mining.


Difficulty re-adjusting

The Dark Gravity Wave(DGW) created by Dash dev team is claimed to be the smoothest difficulty re-targeting system among all present in the market at the moment. Dash mining reward also decreases smoothly, making it 7% less each year. This helps to avoid market shocks and keep the price stable.


If you still don’t trade Dash, that’s a great time for you to start – Dash is on the roll right now!