Bitcoin in the News

Bitcoin is on a rather awesome climb again whilst the halving of the mining reward draws closer. There have also been some other recent interesting developments in the field of blockchain. In this article I will go through the recent events that have been shaping Bitcoin’s price in the very recent past. We are currently witnessing some rather interesting times. Financially, economically and also in the field of technology. On top of the halving of the reward that is predicted to happen around 26th of July there’s also another event of financial significance that is rapidly drawing closer – Brexit. I’m sure you’ve already heard, as you know, all of the news outlets keep banging on about it. Yes, Great Britain is having a referendum on the 23rd of June where people will decide whether they want to remain or leave the European Union.

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Bitcoin in May – Price Analysis



 There has been a lot going on in the month of May this year. Some terrible natural disasters and also financially concerning events. Euro has been on a decline since the start of May as Brexit draws closer. The referendum takes place on June the 23rd. Polls are currently suggesting it could go either way, bringing with it uncertainty and pushing the Euro down with it. Why is this important to us regarding the price of Bitcoin? When we see big drops in fiat currencies, Bitcoin skyrockets. Whether Britain decides to vote in or out will make the markets move significantly. In case of Britain actually doing a brexit, I’d start collecting your coins now. Continue reading

Bitcoin Debit Cards – a New Personal Banking Solution?

As the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies becomes more and more popular, we see an increase in products available. There are so many crypto apps available that serve  many different purposes. From smart contracts to securing a country’s health records to playing little addictive games – blockchain gives us so many wonderful new opportunities and features. It is said to revolutionize the banking system. Let’s have a look at some particular products that might help you send the banks packing. I am specifically talking about Bitcoin debit cards.

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Bitcoin Success Stories

There are so many posts and articles on the technical aspects of the cryptocurrencies. I also mainly write about techy and how stuff works topics. But the stories that I enjoy most are about real people. Just like you and me. I always feel inspired and happy reading about true success stories from ordinary people. Cryptocurrencies aim to make the world a better place, let’s see how they’ve changed some people’s worlds or how people are changing the world with Bitcoin. Continue reading

Crypto Apps: Ecosystem Around Bitcoin

Blockchain gave us Bitcoin and lots of other different cryptocurrencies. When people talk about Bitcoin it is normally in the context of the currency. It is mainly seen as a financial asset. Yet Bitcoin is only a very small part of the possibilities blockchain opens up to us. Alongside it so many different cryptocurrencies are developed on a daily basis. Some of the great new options that allows us to create are smart contracts, untraceable payments, safer banking and encryption and many more. We probably cannot even begin to grasp the potentiality that is about to manifest. All thanks to cryptography and blockchain. In this article however I would like to look at crypto apps.

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