The Advantages of HitBTC API

The Advantages of HitBTC API

We’re working hard to bring you the best trading experience. There are some awesome features we’ve been working on. Not to pat ourselves on the back but many of our competitors don’t offer this options yet we find they are of great help when using your own software to trade. If you’re not familiar with our API yet you can get to know more here.


Bitcoin Exchange Trading API – All You Need to Know

Bitcoin Exchange Trading API - All You Need to Know

Do more with the HitBTC Trading API


We’re very proud of the HitBTC trading platform. We think it’s a great product that offers traders, new and experienced alike, everything they need to successfully trade cryptocurrencies.

But not every trader is the same and we understand that. While many traders are happy to use one, web-based trading platform, there are also many others who want to use bespoke or off-the-shelf tools to allow them to trade with a greater deal of flexibility than a web-based platform can offer.

This is why we developed our API.