Important: on Ethereum fork

Dear Traders,

Today Ethereum network has experienced a major issue that forced all exchanges, including HitBTC, to disable ETH deposits and withdrawals.
We are eager to provide as much information as possible to keep you up-to-date with the situation.

Here is a short introduction to what happened:
There are two main active clients to connect and interact with Ethereum network – Parity and Geth. Geth is the official client developed by Ethereum team. For the variety of reasons HitBTC has been using Geth, as official client is usually the safest choice.

Today, on November 24th, both Geth and Parity have gone out of the consensus at approx. #2686350 block, which led to an unintentional fork in the Ethereum network. Due to this issue all exchanges stopped processing ETH transactions, presumably until a fix is identified and applied.

The Ethereum dev team has admitted their mistake and is already working hard on fixing it.
Essentially, geth’s journal was failing to revert account deletions when a transaction that deleted empty accounts went OOG,” says Vitalik Buterin on Reddit.
We have identified a fix, and are now in the process of testing it.”

Once Ethereum team develops a new release, all the transactions initiated past the fork will be rolled back. In other words, all your withdrawals made after the point of the fork will be canceled, and the coins will return to your HitBTC account.
The incoming transactions will be also rolled back: the coins will be deducted from your account and returned back to the wallet they were sent from.
No need to worry: all your coins will be safe and nothing will get lost. We will keep in touch.

If something goes wrong, please contact our Support team immediately at We will be happy to help out each and every trader that suffered from Ethereum network issues.

Get ready to catch the WAVES! Live on HitBTC

HitBTC team is delighted to bring the great news to our traders – WAVES cryptocurrency is fully supported by our exchange and all users can trade WAVES/BTC pair!

The story of WAVES listing is actually nice and first HitBTC experience of the kind, by the way.
HitBTC team was fishing around for some new quality cryptocurrencies to be added, and WAVES community has shown unexpectedly strong support to the idea of HitBTC listing WAVES. As you all know, we try our best to serve the interests of our users.
So here we all are, welcoming a new pair to the exchange!

Technology and People

WAVES platform not only has open and responsive community, but it is the great technology with impressive amount of smart people working on it. It has been just a little over half of the year since WAVES hit the market, and technology it stands for is almost here. For ICO projects, which are usually annoyingly slow, WAVES team is working satisfyingly quickly.
It seems WAVES will be one of the leading technologies among next generation (3.0) of cryptocurrencies, so it’s  time for us all to understand couple of things about all the potential of the platform.

Asset Trading

Waves Platform is going to be decentralized asset marketplace with support for fiat currencies.
We all know what it is and we’ve had our fun issuing assets via NXT or Counterparty.
It is more serious and business-like with Waves.
Waves Platform works not only for regular users, who have nothing up there to back up their promises about issued assets. Platform also(and probably primarily) allows governmental institutions and banks issue assets, backed by real value and protected within regulatory jurisdiction of the institute. This all can be legal.
Wait, that means that we will be able…


Oh yes, this enables regulated crowdfunding and international fiat transfers.
This is actually the key Waves Platform feature and it explains how they got their $16 million ICO.
Traditional fiat crowdfunding with lower fees due to decentralized nature of the platform and blockchain technology behind it is a very wanted product indeed. It also doesn’t exclude Bitcoin crowdfunding(or any cryptocurrency crowdfunding), it just makes it a matter of preference.
International Transfers

This is the pain of many cryptocurrency adopters.  With every new cryptocurrency we hope it will sort out the problems we have now in the real world. Waves Platform has a good standing chance in doing that, as they target not cryptocurrency users exclusively, but banks, governments and third-party businesses.
Waves Platform team is planning to launch custom transactions, which is very neat feature to pay up dividends, for example. Cooperation is always more fruitful and more likely to happen when there is something for everybody.

WAVES as the fuel of Waves Platform

What is WAVES cryptocurrency among this cornucopia of great projects and features?
It’s just a humble intermediary which makes everything happen.
We think you should probably save some of those for the rainy day.

HitBTC Announces Support for Zcash

Dear traders,

HitBTC is happy to announce support for Zcash (ZEC), opening a new ZEC/BTC market.

What is ZCash?

Zcash is a new cryptocurrency, launched on October 28, 2016. It represents a new decentralized, open-source digital asset that offers privacy and selective transparency of transactions. Just like most of digital currencies, Zcash runs a public blockchain, but conceals transaction amounts, and allows both senders and recipients remain private.

ZCash features

Being developed and supported by a number of professional scientists, Zcash uses advanced cryptographic techniques, namely zero-knowledge proofs, to guarantee the validity of transactions without revealing additional information about them.

Despite being just released, Zcash has a long track record, and a plenty of stakeholders, including names such as Roger Ver and Barry Seibert as well as Pantera Capital. Another peculiar fact is that despite being an open source project, Zcash is set up as company, run by Zooko Wilcox, a 41 year old cryptographer. The Company, running Zcash gets 20%, which will amount to 10% of the total supply.

The Zcash total coin supply is going to be 21 million like Bitcoin, and the asset follows the same issuance rate with 21m ZEC being issued over 131 years. However, instead of having 10 minute blocks, ZCash will have a 2.5 minute block average with 4 times bigger block rewards that halve every 4 years.

All these features make ZCash a great asset. Don’t waste time, become one of the first ZCash traders!

Ardor to be listed on HitBTC! Buy NXT and Get Free ARDR


Dear users!

Today we are officially announcing support for Ardor, a new blockchain asset, based on the well-known and respected Nxt technology.

HitBTC will start supporting Ardor as soon as it is officially released. Currently, the launch of Ardor is scheduled for October 13, 2016.

As HitBTC cooperated with the Nxt core team regarding the Ardor launch beforehand, we are happy to declare that we will redistribute ARDR we get among the users who hold NXT on their HitBTC accounts. Ardors will be distributed among NXT holders, proportionally to their overall NXT balance (main + trading) at 8:00 UTC, on October 13. Therefore, we highly encourage all HitBTC users to consider purchasing NXT, in order to get guaranteed initial ARDR profit.

What is Ardor and what makes it special?

Ardor is a new blockchain-as-a-service platform, based on the Nxt technology. It is designed with unlimited scalability, safe smart contracts, and customizable child chains.

Child chains are branches of the main chain that can be used by businesses, organizations, and users for different purposes, like setting up a private chain for secure data transfers, or a public one for marketplace activities. Hence, child chains provide a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) model, opening blockchain development to organizations and individuals across the world.

Manageable Blockchain Size is another great feature, provided by Ardor. It solves the problem of scalability by separating transactions and data that do not affect security from those that do, and moving all of those that don’t affect security onto child chains.

Ardor also provides Decentralized voting and Governance Systems, and a Decentralized Asset Exchange, enabling the ability to trade assets on any child chain for any of the child chain tokens.

Finally, Ardor will implement Phased Transactions. These will allow users to set multiple conditions before a transaction is executed, such as a minimum number of votes and a set amount of time. And with Nxt’s Smart Transactions users will only need to submit the parameters necessary for the transaction and the ID of the functionality they want to use. That said, the transaction process is completely decentralized.

Is Ardor a good choice for traders?

While innovative technical features specify the product, and reflect the probability of success of a specific asset, they are sometimes not enough to guarantee the future growth in the market value.

Fortunately, Ardor has a distinguishing image by default. It is developed by the respected Nxt core team, who are responsible for the developing and launching one of the most prominent digital currenсies that has tons of followers, and supporters. As Ardor is called NXT 2.0, this is certainly the next step for NXT, and a great choice for those, who are looking for promising assets with outstanding reputation.

Don’t miss out! Get NXT now to guarantee your ARDR profits.

HitBTC welcomes Siacoin!

Dear users,

Today we are welcoming another promising member to our exchange – Siacoin! SС/BTC market is already available on HitBTC.

The network

Sia is an actively developed decentralized storage platform. Technically, it represents a peer-to-peer network that consists of many hard disk drives, connected to the united network globally. The network is fully decentralized, and cryptographically secured. Similarly to other blockchain projects, Sia uses a cryptocurrency, called ‘Siacoin’.

Unlike centralized cloud storage services (Amazon, Dropbox), Sia leverages blockchain to reach consensus in a secure and trustless way. A smart contract on the blockchain ensures through the use of cryptographic proofs of storage that hosts are only paid if they keep the file for the entire duration of the contract. Smart contracts also ensure data encryption, making third party interference impossible.

The mission

Sia aims to replace Bittorrent, Microsoft OneDrive, and all backend cloud storage services, in order to become the backbone storage layer of the Internet. According to the developers, this will be achieved by the consecutive appearance of small decentralized data centers that altogether will comprise the world’s fastest, cheapest, and the most secure cloud storage platform.

Sia enables such small, efficient data centers to sell their storage without market trust and marketing budgets. Sia lowers the barrier to entry, and in doing so creates a wealth of cheap storage for its users. Anyone with an Internet connection and a cheap source of storage can make money.

The cryptocurrency

The Siacoin cryptocurrency is a crucial part of the network, since all storage contracts and payment channels require having digital coins. Roughly, this means that the Siacoin price will be increasing together with the adoption of the network itself. The Siacoin’s value is tied to the amount of used Storage on the network. Siacoin’s market capitalization has already surpassed $9,000,000, affected by a rapid growth in the middle of June, 2016.


It’s worth noting that Sia has another cryptocurrency, called Siafund, 10,000 total, completely premined, and mostly owned by the Sia’s parent company. This cryptocurrency exists in order to provide a way to finance the further development of Sia.

Instead of conclusion

While Sia’s plans sound extremely ambitious, we still may rephrase a popular statement and note that technologies that believe can change the world are usually the ones that do. And in the case of openly traded token-based blockchain projects, such technologies are certainly the ones that grow in value. Check out the brand new SC/BTC market.  

Emercoin is now available for trading on HitBTC!

HitBTC team is happy to announce support for Emercoin (EMC), one of the most prominent members of the top-20 digital currencies, listed on

The coin is paired with Bitcoin (EMC/BTC), and is already available for trading on HitBTC. EMC/EUR market will also be added soon.

What is Emercoin?

Emercoin is a unique cryptocurrency with hybrid POS+POW mining, started in 2013. The same as the most of the existing cryptocurrencies, EMC can be used to store and manage digital assets through blockchain. However, Emercoin goes beyond being ‘yet another digital currency’. Emercoin represents a technological platform for distributed, censorship-proof and scalable enterprise services.

Emercoin’s blockchain services

At present, Emercoin provides the following services:

  • EMCDNS – uncensored domain name system, peering with an alternative DNS root, OpenNIC. Emercoin’s domain system is also supported on several Tor exit nodes.
  • EMCSSH –application that connects OpenSSH with the EMC blockchain, allowing for secure, decentralized management of Public Key Infrastructure.
  • EMCSSL – decentralized system for passwordless authentication on the World Wide Web.
  • InfoCard – decentralized distributed “business card” system that complements EMCSSL’s passwordless logins by allowing website profiles to be automatically populated
  • Magnet – distributed torrent tracker for internet file sharing
  • EMCTTS – trusted storage for digital timestamps on the blockchain
  • EMCLNX – decentralized pay-per-click advertising network
  • EMCDPO – digital proof of ownership solution for physical or digital goods and services.

The variety of remarkable services depicts Emercoin’s intent towards becoming a key player on the blockchain market, and explains the recent rapid increase in the EMC exchange rate.

Exciting partners

Emercoin was one of the first blockchain technologies to collaborate with Microsoft Azure for Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) program. Currently, all Emercoin’s services are available on the Azure marketplace.

What is even more exciting, Emercoin is already integrating its technology into a number of businesses, namely a farm and a watch factory.

Bottom line

There’s not much to add. How many blockchain technologies that have a plenty of business services, partner with IT giants and have a real market implementation can you name?.

Time to become an Emercoin investor.

NuBits will be delisted from HitBTC

Dear users!

Please be informed that on September 19, 2016 the NuBits market (NBT/BTC) will be delisted from HitBTC, due to the insignificant trading volume.

Moving away from assets with lower demand allows HitBTC to stay focused on providing users with new high potential cryptocurrency markets.

If you hold or trade NuBits on HitBTC, we encourage you to withdraw your NBT coins as soon as possible.

The NuBits delisting process will consist of the following steps:

  1. On the appointed date of delisting:
    • NuBits will be removed from the  terminal, all open orders will be canceled;
    • Depositing will be blocked;
    • Account balance and withdrawing will stay available;
  2. One month after delisting, NuBits will be removed from the Account display. All further withdrawals will be handled manually via support.

We urge you to redistribute NuBits funds shortly in order to avoid further issues.

Should you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact our support team:


HitBTC Maintenance April 23rd – 24th: Infrastructure Improvements

Dear Traders,

This is not just another maintenance notification, this is a thank you post.

We are now taking the opportunity to express our gratitude as with your support HitBTC is now living through the period of intense developing and growth. Your interest towards HitBTC has grown drastically over the last year: each day hundreds of traders join the HitBTC community to experience high-level trading and to enjoy the advantages of our API.

The HitBTC team is working hard on keeping the cutting-edge technologies used at HitBTC improving all the time. This has not gone unnoticed by teams of cryptocurrency developers that have contacted us offering collaboration, so HitBTC is adding several new exciting coins in the nearest future – we will not reveal the names yet to heighten your interest!

Taking into account the circumstances, HitBTC Technical team is working on infrastructure improvements in order to make the transaction processing faster, to prepare the platform for new currencies and features that are yet to follow. Your needs and interests are of utmost importance to HitBTC team, and we strive to conduct the maintenances without any downtime and keep the service up and running during all the time.

However, HitBTC will be performing a larger maintenance from April 23rd, 23:30 – April 24th, 23:30 UTC which will affect cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. All the incoming and outgoing transactions initiated in this time period will be kept in a waiting line and processed accordingly once the maintenance is over. Don’t worry – no coins ever get lost at HitBTC; we care for your money as if it was our own!

So this is a thank you post. Thank you for your interest and support, and also for your understanding and patience during HitBTC technical maintenance.

You help us grow and improve.

Warm regards,
HitBTC Team