Streamr – Unstoppable Data for Unstoppable Apps

Dear traders,


we are thrilled to announce listing DATAcoin, a token of Streamr platform that tokenizes streaming data to enable a new way for machines & people to trade it on a decentralised P2P network.


Streamr is building the world’s leading marketplace for real-time data. The team believes that creating a platform to trade the world’s information will benefit everyone. Companies will be able to build and market their products in the Internet of Things (IoT) in an improved way. People will regain control of the data they produce. And society as a whole will be better off when the value in the data is not concentrated in the hands of a few giant companies.


Founded by algorithmic traders, Streamr raised $30m in Q4 2017 through crowdfunding our cryptographic access token, DATAcoin. With this funding the developer team will create a truly decentralised platform on top of the Ethereum blockchain.


Streamr’s marketplace users will be able to interact over a robust and resilient P2P network without middlemen taking a cut. With data permissioning and value transfer built in the distributed ledger, Streamr is enabling a data economy where real-time information can be securely traded by machines and connected devices.


Today Streamr already provides users with a scalable off-chain processing engine for streaming analytics and data refinement, using technology which the team has been  developing since 2011. And with their powerful visual editor, users can start connecting data streams to build apps and microservices right now.


To learn more about Streamr, visit their website , blog, Twitter feed, sub-Reddit, or catch them on Rocket chat, Youtube or on their official Telegram account.