SMS token – Benefit From Cryptocurrency Mining

Dear traders,

Let us introduce SMS, a new token of one of the Asia’s largest mining centers.

SMS token not only can be traded on exchanges, the holders also have the right to receive benefits from company’s mining centers. Speed Mining Service is a company that performs cryptocurrency mining business. It has succeeded in constructing an optimal environment for coin generating.

SMS project aims to expand its mining capacity to 3000 mining machines with the most cutting-edge hardware, all by March 2018. It means that profit from every purchased token will increase, too.

SMS mining centers are located in Hokkaido, the northernmost and coldest part of Japan. Thanks to the efficient construction, which targets heat flow to the facility and the utilization of the cold temperature from the surrounding environment, company’s mining farm aims to be the most efficient in the whole Japan. In addition, Japanese governmental support of low electricity consumption fees helps to ensure the greatest core profit that will be served to each individual investor.

To learn more about SMS token, visit company’s website