SegWit2x Future Tokens trading live on HitBTC

Dear traders,

As it follows from our recent statement, we have decided to provide you with the access to SegWit2x fork, titled as B2X. It appears to be activated in November, and you have the access to B2X future split tokens markets in advance. Please make an acquaintance with our roadmap on SegWit2x. Note that trading future split tokens can involve certain risks, as it is impossible to predict how the situation would evolve, so give it due consideration. 

October 17th. B2X token markets are open on HitBTC! Trade B2X with BTC, ETH and USDT.

B2X is not available for deposits and withdrawals, because SegWit2x is not activated yet.

The original BTC ticker remains with the original Bitcoin.

The day SegWit2x is activated. These actions are to be performed:

  1. B2X deposits and withdrawals will be enabled. Future split tokens you’ve purchased will turn alive.
  2. You will receive the same amount of B2X as you hold BTC on your HitBTC account.

Further actions. Since it isn’t clear yet, whether SegWit2x will gain the majority of support worldwide, we’re going to keep abreast of any changes. Keeping an open dialogue with our community, we will provide them with a possibility to decide the course of action to follow. As always, our mission here is to listen and fully understand the needs of our traders, being ready to fulfil them and meet the highest expectations.

Throughout the whole process we guarantee the safety and security of your assets. We may temporarily suspend BTC deposits and withdrawals during the hard fork process, due to the lack of strong two-way replay protection in SegWit2x. Once we are sure that it’s safe, we will restore the full functionality of Bitcoin on HitBTC. 

In case the split event doesn’t take place by the end of this year, B2X tokens will be deemed to have zero value.

Follow our updates.



HitBTC team