Quanta, the blockchain-powered lottery for a blockchain-powered future

Dear traders,

We are glad to announce that Quanta Network Token Utility (QNTU) is now added to the list of assets available for trading on HitBTC. 

Quanta is the world’s first legal lottery operating on a global scale, a blockchain-based project which utilizes smart contracts to ensure a fully transparent background in lotteries. With the implementation of numerical algorithms (namely Random Number Generation), Quanta minimizes the opportunity of cheating and manipulation — the approach aimed to increase confidence amongst potential players. The lottery under Quanta is known as safe and reliable with an easy access worldwide.

Quanta’s goal is to provide access to fair lottery services for both entertainment and charity purposes.

The QNTU token works as a pledge that community members must “put up” before they may begin participation. In the event that the participant breaches the Quanta’s terms of use, the pledge made in QNTU is forfeited to the Quanta Foundation.

For more information on QNTU, visit https://quantaplc.im or www.myquanta.im


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