Premine market update: ceasing trading and delisting the token

Dear traders,

Our main goal is to continue providing you with the richest choice of valuable instruments. We are constantly keeping our markets list up to date, tracking activity on each market and keeping an eye on major events taking place in crypto industry.

Premine (titled as PRE) markets have been losing their popularity recently. Eventually there were no trades performing at all, overall trading volume dropping to zero.


Furthermore, these markets have been serving as a source of possible confusion, since the Presearch project has also been historically using the PRE ticker. We have been receiving a lot of requests from our community to take action and change the PRS ticker to PRE.

Following those requests and keeping in mind the importance of keeping our stock up to date, we have developed the following course of action, coordinating it with all parties involved:

On the 16th of January:

  • Premine (PRE) will be removed from the terminal, trading process being suspended. All placed orders are going to be cancelled;
  • Premine deposits will be switched off;
  • Account balance and withdrawal option will be available until 23rd of January, 2018.

After 23rd of January, 12:00 UTC, Premine withdrawals will no longer be available in the account interface. You’ll be able to perform a withdrawal upon request to our support team.


Please mind that on January 23rd, the ticker PRE currently used for Premine will be transferred to the token Presearch (PRS at the moment of publishing the article). Presearch will be titled as PRE.

We remind you about the importance of checking the full currency name before taking any action with it. The full currency name is available in your account section and in the browser tab when you navigate to the market page.

We are grateful for your understanding and support in keeping HitBTC an exchange with the best choice of trading instruments.