PlayGame Token listing announcement

Dear traders,
We are glad to announce the integration of PlayGame, the crypto-gaming pioneer and its PXG token. aims to overcome the hurdles standing in the way of game developers about the lack of transparency, piracy issues, inefficient payment calculation, and distribution. The PlayGame platform is a direct-to-play gaming platform accessible from any device without the requirement to download the game.

Playgame Contest by HitBTC

PXG, an ERC20 cryptocurrency token, features a smart contract platform that allows game publishers, developers, crypto-enthusiasts, and gaming communities around the world to monetize the use of cryptocurrencies without a single deduction to their revenue.

Founded in 2018, is led by Anton Soeharyo who has more than ten years of experience in gaming and digital technologies. Alongside Soeharyo is a team of experts in game development, community management, commodities trading, and digital marketing, backed by strong relationships with venture capital firms. plans to expand to the rest of South East Asia, Japan, Korea, and China by the end of 2019.

PXG will be available for trading against BTC and USDT starting from 12 December 15:00 UTC.

On guard of your trading,
HitBTC Team