One easy step to list your own coin on HitBTC

Dear traders,

It’s always been convenient and simple to trade on HitBTC, since we provide powerful tools, intelligent software and cutting-edge technologies.

And we are proud to tell you that trading your very own coins, creating a new trading instrument has also became simple.

How does one perform this? At first, obviously, it’s necessary to create the coin itself. It has to be an Ethereum-based token, compatible with ERC20 standard. Describe your project on its own website, introduce it to the world and to the HitBTC, by filling out this appliance form.

And that’s it. Within several days after applying your coin most likely will be listed on HitBTC, available for trading, deposit, withdrawal, waiting to be discussed and demanded – if you manage to provide fellow traders with an promising instrument!

It’s an adventurous tool. Try it!Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 19.17.56 copy

LISK issues and our measures

Dear traders,

LISK network is experiencing some issues lately. Wallets are operating unreliably and require quite a lot of resources for maintenance. These issues result in poor user experience.

It is sensible to expect these troubles to be resolved in the nearest future, as LISK engineers will release new version of the wallet. But until this time we have to take measures.

We have temporarily disabled LSK deposits and withdrawals. Of course, LSK is available for trading. As soon as we make sure LSK network operates normally and reliably, full functionality of this market is going to be restored. Stay tuned!

New coins and other major updates

Dear traders,

We are glad to announce a bunch of major updates:

  • MaidSafe and Synereo coins are here!

MaidSafe (MAID) and Synereo (AMP) coins are gaining popularity fast. Both of them are developed by organisations who strive to create totally decentralized networks and provide unique features. Maidsafe builds safe and anonymous network for file storage, and Synereo creates social network for sharing and monetizing your content. Make an acquaintance, and happy trading!

Trade MAID and AMP.

  • USDT is available

From now on you are able to credit your USD account and withdraw money without

verifying your account! This possibility is brought to you by using USDT (Tether) coin. 1 USDT is always equivalent to 1 USD. Check it out:

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 21.08.32

Once you’ve chosen USD deposit/withdrawal, you have two options. You can initiate bank transfer (verification is required), or you can use your Tether wallet address to perform the desired operation.

Want to try?

  • New advanced toolbars

It’s now much easier to monitor major updates in the cryptocurrency world. Take a look. You are now supported with an overall view on the most valued, most increasing and decreasing markets. The data can also be filtered and arranged in an orderly way by currency, volume and price.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 21.13.43


Also the list of available markets is arranged in a much more convenient way!

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 21.16.54


Happy trading!


Vote is over, here comes the update

Dear traders,

The vote finished recently, HitBTC engineers started implementing changes, and we have some important announcements to make.  


  • Your accounts are not credited with BTU anymore.

From now on you don’t receive BTU after BTC deposit. The only way to get BTU is to buy them on exchange. Considering that these BTU are not connected with real BTU (they are transformed into ETH tokens), replay attacks are not possible by their nature, and that’s why…


  • Bitcoin withdrawals are available!

It’s time to restore the full functionality of Bitcoin on HitBTC. From now on withdrawals are operating normally.


Please note that your BTU assets will be converted into Ethereum tokens within several days. You will be able to deposit, trade and withdraw them. Stay tuned!

Also we are negotiating with Bitcoin Unlimited project at the moment. Some details have to be talked over, and we are ready to proudly announce successful execution of our plan that you’ve voted for.


Voting results and our course of action

Dear traders,

You have said your word. The vote is completed. Thank you for your participation!

Option #3 is the winner by a small margin. Congratulations! The wheels are set in motion, these changes are going to be implemented within a week:

What are we going to do?

  • Create Ethereum tokens, available for trading and withdrawal. They are going to replace BTU on HitBTC and support Bitcoin Unlimited project.

Explanation: There will be two times more tokens than BTU coins at the moment. Half of this amount will be transferred for the needs of Bitcoin Unlimited project. Another half is going to be distributed among traders. You will receive as many tokens, as you have BTU.

  • Unlock BTC withdrawals.

How can you actually support Bitcoin Unlimited project?

By trading new tokens. As they are becoming more demanded and valuable assets, more benefits for this project are emerging.


Please note:

  • You will be able to withdraw new tokens to your Ethereum wallet and credit your HitBTC account with them. Also you can trade them on BTU/BTC market.
  • You won’t be credited with BTU after BTC deposit anymore.
  • Should the hard fork occur, HitBTC would operate as described here, without changes. Your account won’t be credited with BTU.

Which course of action to take? Available options

Dear Traders,

As you have probably noticed, the Bitcoin hard fork did not manage to take place before March, 31st. We strive to keep HitBTC aimed to you and your needs, therefore we decided to arrange a voting and involve you in defining the future of BTC and BTU processing on our platform.

Please see the possible options and choose the one to your liking. If you have any inquiries regarding the process, don’t hesitate to question us in the comments or contact us directly.


Option #1: wait a week longer.

  • BTC withdrawals remain locked;
  • You receive BTU while depositing BTC;
  • BTU arbitrage opportunities are at your disposal;
  • In case hardfork happens before April 7th, BTC and BTU withdrawals will be unlocked;
  • In case the hard fork is delayed, you will face this voting again.

Briefly: wait and do nothing.


Option #2: enable BTC + BTU withdrawals

  • You’re able to withdraw BTC, but you have to possess equal amount of BTU on your account. When you withdraw BTC, equal amount of BTU will be subtracted from your account.


  1. You have 1 BTC and 1 BTU – you can withdraw 1 BTC, and 1 BTU will disappear from your account;
  2. You have 1 BTC and 0.5 BTU – you can only withdraw 0.5 BTC, and 0.5 BTU will disappear. You should buy more BTU to withdraw the rest, equalizing the amounts of BTU and BTC;
  3. You have 1 BTU and 0.5 BTC – you should sell part of your BTU in order to get the equal amount of BTC and BTU on the account.
  • You continue to receive BTU while depositing BTC;
  • If hardfork happens, you will be able to withdraw BTC and BTU separately, no matter how many BTC and BTU you have on the account.

Briefly: it’s possible to withdraw as many BTC, as you have BTU.


Option #3: turn BTU into Ethereum tokens

  • You’re able to withdraw BTC without limitations;
  • Your BTU are turned into tokens based on Ethereum. Volume of emission will be two times more than the total volume of BTU;
  • You don’t receive new tokens while depositing BTC;
  • By trading these tokens you support Bitcoin Unlimited project: for every traded token one goes to them;

Explanation: Should this option win the vote, we are going to contact Bitcoin Unlimited and settle this. We’re planning to transfer eventually 50% of these tokens to Bitcoin Unlimited project. You can participate in this by trading.

  • You’re able to withdraw these tokens to your Ethereum wallet;
  • Should the hard fork happen, you will not receive BTU coins (BTU token is not connected with BTU coin).

Briefly: make BTC and BTU withdrawable and support Bitcoin Unlimited.


To sum it up, check out this table:


Option 1 2 3
BTC withdrawals active? No Yes (with the same amount of BTU) Yes
Do I receive BTU when I deposit BTC? Yes Yes No
In case hardfork happens, can I withdraw BTU? Yes Yes No (you can only withdraw tokens)
Can I trade BTU? Yes Yes Yes (you will be trading tokens)


Is everything clear?

Then you’re ready to vote! Voting will last until April 4th.


Frequently Asked Questions about BTU

Dear traders,

Bitcoin Unlimited has been recently listed on HitBTC and is being actively traded. We have received many questions from you regarding this update. We would like to provide a simple explanation so that every customer can understand how it works.

Please, check this out (clickable image):

Artboard 1 copy 2

As you can see, there are 2 currencies on the same blockchain at the moment: BTU and BTC. That’s why you receive both of them while depositing BTC. After hard fork, followed by split, there will be two separate independent networks, who share the same past. It’s like cloning a BTC network into a new one. Your funds are being cloned as well.

  • I deposit 1 BTC, receive also 1 BTU and sell it. Now I have more than 1 BTC. How’s that?
  • In case you deposit bitcoins, it reflects in BTU and BTC at the same time. These coins operate on the same blockchain, they share the same income, but they are independent. And you can operate with these parts of your deposit independently: sell BTU, sell BTC and so on. Sum of these parts equals to the amount of your deposit.
  • Do some new strategies come with these new conditions?
  • Yes, you get more possibilities in arbitrage trading! That’s our mission: to give you more tools and provide you with flexibility of choice. To illustrate possibilities of our exchange let us show you an example: you can sell your BTU, buy altcoins with BTC, withdraw them to another exchange and sell there, deposit BTC back on HitBTC, etc. (This example should not be treated as an investment advice).
  • But why altcoin prices on HitBTC are higher than average market prices?
  • Prices are always set by the market, HitBTC does not influence them in any way. As you already know, in case you deposit bitcoins, it reflects in two networks. One part shows up as BTC, another part – as BTU. Altcoin prices are shown in BTC only. So once you sell your BTU, with resulting amount of BTC you can buy as much altcoins, as you can anywhere with your initial amount of bitcoins.
  • How fast do exchange-to-exchange transactions proceed?
  • It depends on the network load and network difficulty. For example, new Ethereum block is being created every 2 minutes, BTC block – every 10 minutes. Also hashrate and number of confirmations matter. Usually the lower hashrate is – the more confirmations are required. But most currencies’ algorithms are unique, it isn’t correct to simply compare them.
  • Is there a point in buying BTU?
  • We can not provide our traders with any investment advices. HitBTC is a trading platform, which allows users to make their own forecasts and trade at their own risk. Our mission is to provide you with a freedom of choice.
  • Why have you locked BTC withdrawals?
  • Network split contains the risk of so-called replay attacks. In a nutshell, an attacker is able to carry off BTU coins while withdrawing BTC. Hardfork can happen any time and the only way to secure funds is to temporarily lock withdrawals.
  • What if hard fork never happens?
  • On March 31st a survey is going to be arranged in our Twitter. We will let our community decide, what steps should we take next. Link to the survey will be posted in this blog and sent to our users via email. Stay tuned! We consider voting due date as of April 4th.
  • I have another question.
  • Please contact us here. Also feel free to question us in the comment section!

Important: possible Bitcoin hard fork and Bitcoin Unlimited arrival

Dear traders,

We want to inform you today about upcoming events and the measures we’re taking to get ready for a possible Bitcoin hard fork.


What’s been happening?

The Bitcoin network has been experiencing issues lately. One of critical network restrictions (1 Mb block size limit) has turned out to be insufficient for current user requirements. Transaction speed has decreased, transactions are getting stuck, time is being wasted.

People aren’t happy, and a new project called Bitcoin Unlimited has arrived, aiming to remove the only centralized point of control in the Bitcoin economy – the block size limit. Some network parties (nodes) aren’t showing any interest in Bitcoin Unlimited. But more and more nodes are beginning to support it and getting ready to operate according to its new rules. They can become the majority.


Is it something like Ethereum Classic?

The situation is not clear, but it could become something similar to Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. It means that in all likelihood, major changes are coming up. Here’s one of the possible outcomes: the BTC network may split into two separate networks: “usual” Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Unlimited (BTU). Two independent coins, sharing the same past. That is called a hard fork.


How does it affect me?

If you possess bitcoins, in case of a hard fork followed by a split you are entitled to the same amount of Bitcoin Unlimited.


What does HitBTC do?

HitBTC cares about the safety of your funds and aims to provide you with the tools for avoiding any risk. Here’s our plan:

  • We credit all our respective Bitcoin holders with the same amount of Bitcoin Unlimited. If you deposit bitcoins to your account, you receive both BTC and BTU at the same time.
  • We introduce a BTU/BTC trading pair, so it’ll be possible not only to store new coins on your account, but trade them as well.
  • We block BTC withdrawals temporarily. Why? Splitting one coin in two contains the risk of so-called replay attacks. In a nutshell, an attacker is able to carry off BTU coins while withdrawing BTC. It takes time to protect the network from replay attacks: 48 hours max from the start of the hard fork, but probably less. As soon as we make sure that your funds are safe, withdrawals will be unlocked.
  • We keep dialog open with our community. Should the hard fork not take place before the established deadline, a survey will be arranged. We will let our users decide what to do next.



Short summary

Any number of bitcoins deposited or already in your possession will be augmented by the same amount of BTU. This is effective from now until the hard fork, if it happens.
BTC and BTU withdrawals are locked. This is in effect from now until 48 hours after the hard fork. We care about the safety of your funds.
The BTU/BTC trading pair is at your disposal.


Show me how it works

You initiate a BTC deposit, and BTU deposit is created at the same time:

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-24 at 20.50.48



The Latest transactions section:


Start trading

New features

Dear traders,

HitBTC is happy to announce that we’ve added several new features to our platform to make your trading experience even better!

Few upgrades were made to Account Summary report. Now you can see updates on the latest transactions by last change you made and export them to pdf.


Trade analysis – whole new statistics set for you to trade even smarter. Our platform now provides data on few new metrics, for example:

Closing rate – last trade rate in the reported period, which is relevant in calculation of potential profit/loss you can make by closing current Position at Closing Rate.

Break even rate – if market rate reaches this value, total p&l will be zero. If you hold positive Position, you are able to make profit when current rate is more than Break even rate. If your position is negative, you are able to make profit when current rate is less than Break even rate.


And a few more – check them out!

For those of you who enjoy trading several currency pairs at the same time we added new filters to My orders report, giving you the ability to see full stats on all transactions with possibility to filter by only active ones.


Also our stats now deliver overview of all trades per order in details and CSV export.

We implemented convenient zoom and navigate trading schedule system.

And added Chat for traders enabling the opportunity to talk to other traders any time of the day on technical analysis and market moving events or something – we know you’ll love it.

And the best news for the end! We’ve added new tradable assets. Please welcome ARDOR, ZCASH, and WAVES. Want to get to know them better? 

Important: on Ethereum fork

Dear Traders,

Today Ethereum network has experienced a major issue that forced all exchanges, including HitBTC, to disable ETH deposits and withdrawals.
We are eager to provide as much information as possible to keep you up-to-date with the situation.

Here is a short introduction to what happened:
There are two main active clients to connect and interact with Ethereum network – Parity and Geth. Geth is the official client developed by Ethereum team. For the variety of reasons HitBTC has been using Geth, as official client is usually the safest choice.

Today, on November 24th, both Geth and Parity have gone out of the consensus at approx. #2686350 block, which led to an unintentional fork in the Ethereum network. Due to this issue all exchanges stopped processing ETH transactions, presumably until a fix is identified and applied.

The Ethereum dev team has admitted their mistake and is already working hard on fixing it.
Essentially, geth’s journal was failing to revert account deletions when a transaction that deleted empty accounts went OOG,” says Vitalik Buterin on Reddit.
We have identified a fix, and are now in the process of testing it.”

Once Ethereum team develops a new release, all the transactions initiated past the fork will be rolled back. In other words, all your withdrawals made after the point of the fork will be canceled, and the coins will return to your HitBTC account.
The incoming transactions will be also rolled back: the coins will be deducted from your account and returned back to the wallet they were sent from.
No need to worry: all your coins will be safe and nothing will get lost. We will keep in touch.

If something goes wrong, please contact our Support team immediately at We will be happy to help out each and every trader that suffered from Ethereum network issues.