Introducing Deposit Fees on HitBTC

Dear traders!


This post was updated on January 16, 2018, to include the information regarding ETH, USDT and all tokens deposit fees.


Due to heavily increased demand, a large number of transactions passes through BTC and other networks. It leads to a significant amount of transactions waiting in the mempool, longer processing time and unprecedented fees.


We are announcing that a fixed fee for BTC, ETH, USDT and all tokens deposits is to be charged.


This measure is introduced in order to provide greater stability on our exchange. It would help facilitate processing of incoming transactions and maintain the liquidity and security of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and all tokens on HitBTC at a level we deem worthy of our traders.


The deposit fees will be deducted from the amount of the incoming transaction. The fee amount for every token is shown below the deposit address. Please be advised that if your deposit is lower or equals the fee, the whole amount will be used for the commission and will not be refunded.





Recovery of mistakenly sent cross-currency deposits

Dear traders,

One of the most prominent features of crypto assets’ practices is their immutability. Provided that only you are in charge and in control of your funds, it’s vital to track thoroughly your crypto payments, foreclosing the probability of mistakes taking place, because they are not to be reversed. For example, sending one currency to another’s address could lead to your funds being lost forever.

We are pleased to state that in the significant part of such cases we are able to help.  Make an acquaintance with our course of action which is being taken in on such occasions. It requires a certain amount of manual-like labour with top-level security clearance, as the direct access to user’s private keys is implied. As the outcome stands the fact that some types of cross-currency deposits on HitBTC can be fixed, but not all of them.

Please keep in mind that Bitcoin Cash, mistakenly sent to Bitcoin address formed after SegWit activation (starting with 3), could be lost forever before we manage to recover them. Due to recently revealed BCH network vulnerability these funds can be claimed by anyone under certain conditions, without the access to receiver’s private key. Here’s one of the examples of a whole set of BCH transfers, made to BTC addresses, being spent by one person, eventually 600k USD equivalent ended up being abducted.

Overall crypto network traits and the resulting consequences sometimes could not be helped. The only way to protect your funds from the mentioned network-wide vulnerability is not to make mistakes while performing payments, and that applies to making deposits on HitBTC as well.


Paola Balzano

HitBTC Support Team

SWFT – One-click Cryptocurrency Exchange

Dear traders,


We are thrilled to announce the listing of SwftCoin, the coin of SWFT cryptocurrency transfer platform.


SWFT Platform Introduction


SWFT is easy and fast cross-blockchain cryptocurrency transfer platform, with app, website and API. Built by the leading minds in artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain, SWFT integrates the world’s major exchanges to effectively achieve hedge risking, provide customers with an easy and efficient platform for cryptocurrency transfer. SwftCoin will be the only accepted payment method for transaction fee on SWFT platform.

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Decentraland – a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain

Dear traders,


We are excited to introduce new trading pairs for MANA – the token of Decentraland platform. Soon Bitcoin and Ethereum markets will become available for our traders and MANA supporters in addition to USDT.


Decentraland is the first virtual reality world powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Users can buy and develop parcels of land, which are akin to 3D domains. Full scripting capabilities allow you to build anything from static 3D scenes to dynamic applications.


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Statement on the upcoming BTC hard forks and IGNIS airdrop

Dear traders,

HitBTC is going to support two of the upcoming Bitcoin hard forks in case they take place, and IGNIS tokens airdrop. In this post we have accumulated the information about these events and the course HitBTC is going to take.


Bitcoin network has seen an unprecedented number of hard forks this year with two more planned to happen before the end of December. Hard forks aim to add new functionality to the original network and resolve its flaws and limitations. In Bitcoin’s case it usually includes increasing the block size and in generally decreasing the network overload.


Segwit2x, a project suspended in November, is now scheduled to happen on the block 501,451 which should be reached around 28th of December. The team behind it is mostly concerned about the significant delays in transactions processing and the largely increased fees, thus providing a solution to these problems is their main priority. Block size will be increased to 4 Mb and block creation time on Segwit2X chain will constitute 2.5 minutes. Find out more on the project’s official website.


Bitcoin God is a fork introduced by a Chinese blockchain investor Chandler Guo. The chain split is planned to happen at the block 501,225 approximately on December 25. The official website of the Bitcoin God introduces such features of the new network as smart contracts support, increased block size, lightning network implementation and zero-knowledge proof.  


Our exchange is going to support both Bitcoin forks, should they happen. We will be updating this post with further information on how we are going to proceed in each case, kindly check back on the news.


IGNIS Airdrop is powered by Jelurida, the company behind NXT and Ardor. On December 28 a one-time snapshot of NXT network will be conducted and on January 1 Ardor network with its very first child chain Ignis will be launched. Following the rules of this airdrop, for every NXT token the client will receive 0.5 IGNIS tokens. Please note that the tokens will be credited according to the amount of NXT held on main and trading accounts at the time of the snapshot on 28th of December. Pending transactions will not be included.


We are holding the finger on the pulse and closely monitoring all the hard forks and airdrop events. If more news emerge, we will update you. Please contact our support team in case of any questions.

Listing – 12th of December

Dear traders!


We are glad to update you on the new tokens listed last week on HitBTC.


DubaiCoin (DBIX)

DubaiCoin is the fuel of Arabianchain Technology, a UAE based venture that is unlocking the potential of tomorrow’s economy by enabling today’s blockchain innovation. Arabianchain is the first public, decentralized and consensus-driven blockchain in the MENA region that allows for self-executing and globally accessible smart contracts and decentralized Apps to be developed, and for digital tokens to be transacted, tracked and safeguarded over a network of thousands of connected yet distributed devices.


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Cappasity token (CAPP)

Cappasity is a decentralized AR/VR ecosystem for 3D content exchange. It was the first to create a cross-platform solution for quick digitizing of objects and their 3D demonstration. Today, the Cappasity 3D solution is widely used by online retailers, and the company has started its expansion into other verticals. Cappasity utility token (CAPP) is issued as a digital payment vehicle that facilitates 3D content exchange among the Ecosystem participants from all over the globe.


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Open Trading Network token (OTN)

Open Trading Network is the first 100% collateralized decentralized exchange which will allow fully secure exchange between the blockchain networks. OTN foundation is committing itself to develop the network described in the white paper and also several applications to help different stakeholders to benefit from the network.


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ETHLend token (LEND)

ETHLend is a fully decentralized peer to peer lending Smart Contract on Ethereum blockchain for lending Ether by using tokens as a collateral. It aims to attract future users of the decentralized application by selling LEND tokens that will provide 25% discount on deployment fees on ETHLend, when paying with LEND.

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DOVU token (DOV)

DOVU is creating an entirely new circular economy for the transport and mobility sector. Mobility data already informs everything from traffic management, weather and pollution tracking, through to planning and modeling our future transport needs. DOVU democratises the sharing and consumption of this data by connecting data owners to data consumers – introducing an unprecedented and fair value exchange between those that generate data and those that benefit from it.

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Happy trading!

LockChain – hotel booking with 0% commissions

Dear traders,


we are thrilled to announce the soon listing of LOC, a new token of a platform allowing to book a hotel or a property with no commission.


LockChain is the first decentralized open-source booking technology and an integrated marketplace, where hoteliers and property owners can rent out their property globally and manage bookings without paying any commissions to middlemen. Travelers can book a place to stay for the next trip – a hotel, an apartment and other types of accomodation at a more favorable price.
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HitBTC to support Super Bitcoin hard fork

Dear traders,


HitBTC keeps a close eye on the latest events in the crypto industry and strives to integrate the most ambitious and innovative projects. This is the reason we have chosen to support Super Bitcoin.


Super Bitcoin is a Bitcoin hard fork scheduled to happen at the block 498888, which should be mined approximately on December 12. As soon as it’s reached, a new chain will be formed and SBTC tokens will be created.


HitBTC will be supporting the fork in case it occurs to make sure our traders stay ahead of the curve. We will take a snapshot of our clients’ funds both on Main and Trading account at the time the fork takes place and credit the exact amount of SBTC tokens as Bitcoins our traders are holding on their accounts. To make sure you get the tokens of the new chain in case it is created, please deposit your BTC to HitBTC account in advance.


The token will be listed under the ticker SBTC and will be paired with BTC, ETH and USDT. Our team is going to make sure all Bitcoin operations stay uninterrupted during and after the fork and your assets will be secure. Deposits and withdrawals for SBTC will also be enabled in the following days after the fork, please check our updates to be the first to find out.


The project is organized by a team of enthusiasts and developers sharing the goal to restore the leading position of Bitcoin, as it’s facing strong competition from Ethereum and Zcash. The core features of the hard fork will include:


  • support of zero-knowledge proof Safeguard privacy
  • implemented Turing complete smart contracts, making scaling for more functionalities possible
  • 8 Mb block size


Learn more about SBTC on its official website.