Listing – 13th of October

Dear traders!


HitBTC team is excited to announce new tokens we’ve introduced this week. We hope you will enjoy make profit from some if not all of them.


CCT tokens enable users to pay for the services of CCS system, which ensures the liquidity of the CCT token from the real sector of the economy. With Crystal Clear Services even those who are new to IT technologies and modern systems will be able to order a service, create an auction, pay and leave feedback.

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Ethbits is a token of the new Ethbits Local exchange that facilitates secure trades between people from bank accounts to CryptoCurrency both online and face to face. The company has agreements to open offices in UK, France, Spain, China, USA and Australia. Ethbits’s plan is to facilitate trades of the leading 15 Cryptocurrencies.

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VeChain is the token of a global information transformation platform based on blockchain technology. It digitalizes real people, products or events, by linking API with the system’s application layer connecting blockchain with real-world information. VeChain is creating a brand new business model, which provides ‘trust service’ to all collaboration parties across all platforms, entities, industries and consumers.

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Impak (MPK) market update

Dear traders,

We are happy to provide you with the most complex and rich token supply on the market. New coins are being added on HitBTC every few days, and there’s a constant flow of incoming proposals to add more new promising and interesting tools. A lot of partnership agreements are made on a regular basis, and it’s always a pleasure to deal with those who are moving crypto world forward.

Upon multiple requests from traders and market makers we have listed Impak Project (MPK) in July. Recently its team had contacted us with an important message. They have kindly asked us to suspend trading MPK on HitBTC because the idea behind Impak seems to be totally different from the other coins.

Word goes to Impak developers:

 — «Unlike most cryptocurrencies, Impak will not be traded on exchanges (markets), but rather on a dedicated market managed by Impak Finance, and at a pre-established price point. This way, impak Coin will be stable in value, contrary to the usual offer and demand models.»

It’s important for us to be of assistance and support for everyone who we partner and interact with. The decision made by Impak team may seem uncommon for crypto community, since the most usual goal of any new coin is to win as much markets and trading platforms as possible. Nevertheless, we appreciate and value our partnership. We have thoroughly discussed this issue with Impak team and we are ready to cooperate.

The trading process on MPK/USDT is going to be suspended on October 12th. In case you would have active orders on that market, they will be cancelled and you will get your coins back. Please note that there’s IOU trading going on on that market, MPK coins haven’t been issued yet, so they are unavailable for withdrawal. You are able to safely store MPK IOUs on HitBTC. Once Impak tokens are released, you will be able to withdraw them. According to Impak team, that is going to happen in summer 2018.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our support team in case you’d require any assistance or have any thoughts to share. Also Impak team is here for you, feel free to contact them.


HitBTC Team

HitBTC to support Dentacoin during and after the ICO

HitBTC will support Dentacoin during the ICO (starting 1 st of October, 2 pm GMT) providing one more option for you to join the ICO in a convenient and secure way.

“You don’t need to spend time looking for new promising ICOs and figuring out how to join them – the most interesting tools are already here. You don’t even need to leave HitBTC – our familiar interfaces are here for you, participating in ICO feels exactly the same as buying any other coin.”
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SegWit is now live on HitBTC

Dear traders,

We are glad to announce that from now on HitBTC supports SegWit technology. Want to try? Create your new Bitcoin address today, enjoy faster transactions and lower fees, and be ready for future improvements!

What is SegWit?

This is a technology aimed to cure a whole series of original Bitcoin imperfections, such as:

  • Possible malleability bugs
  • Blocks being clogged with transaction data, reducing network speed
  • Fees are getting higher

The idea is simple. As for before, each transaction had contained quite a lot of data. Besides inputs and outputs, there also could be found scripts and signatures. They are used to make sure that this transaction is legit. Therefore scripts and signatures from every transaction are being stored in the block among the other important data.

Eventually the block size limit of 1 Mb had turned out not to be enough for rapid Bitcoin network operation. Transactions would stuck and take more time to proceed, and the fee costs in USD had been increasing drastically sometimes.

SegWit technology segregates scripts and signatures from other transaction data and stores them in a separate extended block. As a result, there’s more room for transactions in the original block. And more room for further improvements, such as blockchain scalability and speed being enhanced.

It’s been a long way for SegWit to become implemented, since the first signs of its necessity have appeared even in 2012. On August 23rd, 2017, it has finally activated on Bitcoin.

What does this mean for you?

From now on we support incoming and outcoming SegWit transactions. SegWit is a backward-compatible technology, which means none of existing functionality will be affected in any way. Feel free to withdraw your coins to non-SegWit addresses, same goes for deposits.

To start receiving SegWit transactions, simply create new Bitcoin address in your account. From today on, every new generated address will be compatible with new technology. Your old address will also remain active as well.

Outcoming transactions are now also sent in SegWit format. Withdrawal fees are about to decrease by 50%.

Cryptonex – Global Blockchain Acquiring

Dear traders,
Cryptonex (CNX) is the world’s first blockchain acquiring to be traded on HitBTC

On the 3rd of October the СNX cryptocurrency (cnx/btc) will be available for purchasing and sharing on HitBTC

Cryptonex is a global, decentralized cryptocurrency created on its own blockchain.
The main goal is to offer an opportunity to exchange any world currencies for cryptocurrencies and tokens, to buy goods and services using payment cards and mobile applications with contactless payments, instantly and with minimum commission.
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Security announcement on phishing alerts

Dear traders,

We have been receiving a range of reports from people coming across phishing attempts lately. Secure passwords and even two-step authentication could be powerless once the attackers manage to deceive the account owner. Cautionary measures are a must.

That is the common scheme of phishing attack:

  1. User is being faced with the link, which leads to a website disguised as original HitBTC website.
  2. It asks to proceed via standard login procedure: specifying password and 2FA code.
  3. Once this personal data is retrieved, violators have the access to this particular account, which they take advantage of immediately.
  4. Funds are being stolen.

We are striving for not to let step 1 take place, by making everything possible to shut down the phishing websites once we locate them. Special gratitude goes to our traders who notice these websites and care to report them to us. But unfortunately the process of phishing website being eliminated takes time.


To protect yourself from phishing, you would need to be totally in control of your movements online. We would suggest these tips:

  • Whenever you’re visiting HitBTC, please make sure that the website address in the address bar is spelled correctly. The only legit HitBTC address is
  • Let your primary point of entry to HitBTC be the bookmarks section in your browser. Or just manually type the HitBTC address in the address bar. Don’t trust any links you would see online. They easily could be misleading.
  • Never disclose your personal data to anyone. Violators could try to impersonate us in order to lure or compel you to reveal your password. Remember: legit HitBTC associates  won’t ever ask you for your password or 2FA codes.
  • Malicious websites are able to steal your personal data as soon as you only visit them once. Malicious software could spy on you. Email is the most common way to spread harmful data. Please make sure that you are not opening links and attachments received in untrusted emails.

Here are some important steps to take right now.

  • Make sure that your HitBTC password is strong and unique
  • Please enable 2FA protection for login, settings and withdrawal options
  • Take care to protect your device from malicious software.

In case you’d happen to notice something suspicious: websites disguising themselves as HitBTC, or emails presumably from HitBTC team, containing questionable requests, please, don’t hesitate to report these issues to us. Our coherent joint efforts will help to keep HitBTC users safe and secure.

Expectations that became real: KickCoins on HitBTC. Coming soon

KickCoins, tokens of the world’s first 3-in-1 platform for ICO’s, crowdfunding and crowdinvesting  KICKICO, will be soon traded on HitBTC.


HitBTC is planning to trade KickCoins – tokens of KICKICO platform soon after the ICO closes. KICKICO is the first blockchain fundraising platform that offers 3-in-1 solutions for  ICOs, crowdfunding, and crowdinvesting and is already functional in Beta. The platform has recently launched its own ICO and reached overwhelming success – it has managed to collect 12 mln USD in ETH just in two hours. Now, ICO is slowly coming to its end, 16th of September it will be closed. By now, KICKICO raised more than 70 000 ETH and more than 7400 backers from various countries were buying KickCoins. This fact ensures everyone – community from all over the globe votes for the future of blockchain crowdfunding and overwhelms with its speed.

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Listing – 8th of September

Dear Traders,

We continue to enhance your trading experience, opening new promising markets. Please, take a look at new tokens and ICOs we’ve listed this week.



Hive (HVN) uses Ethereum blockchain (distributed ledger) technology and smart contract to assign a unique fingerprint to every invoice issued by tokenizing invoices and publishing them on blockchain. This makes it possible for businesses to automate their invoicing process and take advantage of factoring services. Hive serves as a decentralized data room for all invoices submitted, each of which has a unique record for the 5 issuer, owner and payer.
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MCAP token an initiative of MCAP Labs and uses the ERC 20 protocol for peer-to-peer transactions.

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A highly scalable blockchain architecture with a consensus mechanism which is also used to check the oracle. This makes the oracle very efficient, because it avoids layering one consensus mechanism on top of another.

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SKIN/BTC market updates

Dear traders,

Recently we have enabled new SKIN/BTC market .

Unfortunately, several slight technical issues had arisen shortly after: trading fees could have been calculated and displayed incorrectly. In order to accomplish our mission to provide you with the best possible trading experience, it is necessary for us to solve these problems.

September, 7th we are going to fix these issues and update this market. Fees are going to be calculated precisely and correctly, active orders and whole trading process won’t be affected during update process.

Please note that trading history on this market will be updated and started from scratch. We have provided you with an easy way to save your SKIN trading reports: just proceed here, select necessary markets in the “Market” list and hit “Export”.

Also we would be glad to present your trading history upon your request. Just contact our support team.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. We’re in constant strive to make our exchange a better place to trade,

HitBTC Team

USDT explained

Dear traders,


Several months ago we have introduced USDT currency, enabling its deposits and withdrawals. Fast forward to today, and USDT is firmly settled in HitBTC’s top 5 trading assets list. USDT pairs are highly popular and demanded among traders worldwide, and major crypto parties are showing massive support as well. Here follows the invention of USDT summarised and explained.


USDT is a cryptocurrency asset based on the Bitcoin blockchain. Presented by Tether project, USDT units are backed up by US Dollars, held by Tether. One USDT unit roughly equals 1 USD. The amount of USDT in circulation can be checked via The corresponding amount of USD reserves is proved by Tether bank balance info being published.


USDT combines fiat and crypto advantages. It’s safe and transparent. The bottom line is that USDT holders have price-stable crypto asset for national currency, which operates on the oldest and most secure blockchain.


With Tether on arms you are provided with an extra entry point for fiat trading on HitBTC. Account verification is not required – USDT deposits and withdrawals are performed same as with any other cryptocurrency.


Along with other popular crypto market players HitBTC is at the forefront, building up USDT support. The possibility of using fiat currencies on the blockchain is being brought to life and is highly appreciated by crypto community.


HitBTC continues to strive to provide you with more possibilities for fiat trading. At the moment we are negotiating with financial institutions, aiming to provide you with more exciting features. Stay tuned for further updates and be the first to experience options like instant credit card payments and much more.