Arenum (ARNM) with 60% APY is now live on HitBTC!


Arenum, the wildly successful gaming platform and $ARNM tokens allow you to become the biggest player in eSports by supercharging eSports with the Play to Earn concept.

The project  is an evolution of mobile gaming and cryptocurrency which has a feature-rich ecosystem to attract players and engage them for the long term while providing rewarding incentives for developers and gamers alike.

For the unacquainted—the Play to Earn model enables gamers to earn while they play their favorite games. Hence, it can be said with absolute certainty that we are very close to a time where earning while playing games is completely normalized, and it becomes an integral part of gamers’ lives.

Stake ARNM 

In order to be able to stake, you have to complete account verification and enable 2FA.

Useful links:

Instructions. Staking on HitBTC

About crypto staking

NFTs and Music: Is There A Common Ground?

Blockchain Music

In the early days of cryptocurrency, the most enthusiastic supporters endued it with all kinds of superpowers, claiming that distributed ledger tech could disrupt almost any industry. After the Ethereum network came along, it provided the dreamers with a real-life platform for putting their ideas into action. 

Time, however, put everything in its proper place, and eventually, people cast away the majority of irrelevant cryptocurrency-inspired use cases, focusing on practical applications. Apart from decentralized finance (DeFi), since recently NFTs took the stage, the art and gaming industries have started implementing digital tokens into their daily operations. 

And then there’s music. 

At first glance, crypto tokens and music have nothing in common, but the emergence of ambitious young projects in the space suggests otherwise. 

Issues of the Musical Industry

The necessity to work with record labels is a burden for most musicians. Not only do labels dictate how artists should look and sound, but they also pocket a massive chunk of profits. Until recently, working independently meant taking chances and only worked out for a very few music creators. 

Streaming services didn’t work in favour of musicians, apart from superstars. And, of course, labels benefited once again. As for the emerging file-sharing platforms, they ended up hitting a regulatory roadblock and failed to fulfill the initial liberating purpose. 

Recently, a few platforms for creators have started connecting fans and artists to support the latter directly, bypassing mediators and visibly increasing the income. Rumour has it, crypto tech and NFTs can help refine this system. 

Crypto Music

There are quite a few crypto-powered projects that work on revolutionizing the music industry; most of them cultivate the idea of bringing fans and musicians together. These platforms are usually focused on reforming user experience and building expanded, highly engaged communities. In these communities, fans are likely to act as marketers, especially if they are motivated by gaining profit as their artists’ audience increases. 

At the same time, artists gain back full control of their work and resolve ownership issues by themselves. For instance, they can sell albums in the form of a non-fungible token encouraging collective ownership by selling stakes. The new approach suggests that musicians become businessmen and promote authentic art exactly the way they see it. 

Music NFTs are not that different from art NFTs that you’ve probably seen all around Twitter and web in general. In case of music, the token is tied to an audio file, not an image, and confirms one’s ownership of the piece. Ownership right used to be the only practical function of music-related NFTs, but new concepts came along.

The new ownership model also allows for new revenue streams. For instance, musicians can automatically get their share of benefits when others use their work to release remixes. On top of that, artists can get micropayments per each stream or take advantage of the NFT minting – the possibilities are endless.

More local talents can be discovered worldwide thanks to improved algorithms and the inclusivity of crypto-powered music platforms. And crypto-powered payments allow them to get paid instantly and finally get the financial freedom they deserve. 

Musical Tokenomics

Apart from NFTs, utility and other crypto tokens play a big part in the development of cutting-edge music-related projects. Generally, platforms’ native tokens give both fans and artists a simple way to influence and reform the process of creating and sharing music. 

Take, for example, JAM token by Tune.FM, already available for purchasing at HitBTC. It is designed to facilitate global value exchange via a sophisticated micropayments system enabling artists to receive instant payments whenever someone plays their music. 

Some platforms allow artists to choose how much of their royalty they want to reserve for users holding their native tokens. Alternatively, they can decide the number of the track’s official editions and get their fair share of profit. In fact, musicians can control just about anything and discover new monetization methods. 

The Bottom Line

Although crypto and music do not seem like an obvious match, in reality, the unity of the two industries can benefit both artists and their fans. Improved income models, instant settlements, new monetization schemes, and shared ownership provide artists with the freedom to create 

HitBTC Token (HIT) Token Burn Update – March 2022

HIT Token Burn

In March we burned a total of 24,752,531 HIT tokens (about 6.9 million USDT). The overall supply of HIT has officially decreased from 1,743,586,142.06 HIT to 1,718,833,611.06 HIT as a result of this recent burn.

Transaction Link:

HIT token, is the foundation of the HitBTC ecosystem and is used to provide incentives and rewards to our traders and active members in our community.

Find out more about the HIT Token here.

For more information about the HIT Token read our frequently asked questions here.

Futures Trading is Now Live on the HitBTC App

Futures Trading

Recently, HitBTC added perpetual futures, a new cryptocurrency trading tool, to its web-based exchange. In just a few months, the demand for futures trade grew exponentially, proving a valuable addition to our product line. Now, we’re releasing this functionality in our Android app to make your trading experience is even more convenient.

We believe that this product will be in great demand among seasoned traders and those starting their crypto journey. Futures trading allows users to manage risks and balance price fluctuations when used alongside traditional trading strategies. And since we’ve added the tool into the HitBTC mobile app, it will stay within your reach 24/7. 

Perpetual Futures: The Basics

Perpetual futures are an exchange tool that enable its users to buy and sell assets on a specific date in the future at a particular price. Once the date comes, the user must close the contract at the asset’s current price, regardless of the initial prediction.

If you calculate and execute your futures contract properly, you can collect profits that are  paid out every 8 hours.

Perpetual futures can serve as an independent strategy for gaining profit and also be used alongside margin and spot trading techniques. They are an excellent tool for risk management as they allow users to get additional hedges when market movements are not in one’s favor. Besides, futures enable traders to go over their balance using high leverage amounts of up to x100.  

Finally, futures allow traders to open positions for assets they do not actually have. Suppose the BTC price starts falling, but you currently do not own any BTC. In this case, you can open a short position using perpetual futures.

Keep in mind that even if you don’t physically own any assets, futures are still linked to them, and their performance depends on the state of the market. Nevertheless, when used rationally, perpetual tools can help level up your trading strategy. 

Perpetual Futures onin the HitBTC App

By adding futures to our app functionality, we aimed to create a universally accessible platform for any type of trade, be it spot, margin, or futures. Not to mention that having uninterrupted and quick access to one’s portfolio definitely puts their mind to ease.

Currently, HitBTC offers 22 pairs available for perpetual futures trading, and we’re constantly updating our asset availability, depending on popular demand. 

To start trading futures in the app, choose the Futures tab on the right side of the trade screen, pick a contract, and transfer the necessary amount of USDT from the Spot to the Derivatives account. Then, you’ll need to add USDT Margin, set the leverage, and place your order. You can check your orders and position on the Orders screen. 

Should you need more information on how to trade futures in our app, check out this detailed guide.

Read more about perpetual futures: 

Why Trade Perpetual Futures?

All You Need to Know About Perpetual Crypto Futures 

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The Trendiest Stablecoin: All You Wanted to Know About Tether USDT


There are dozens of stablecoins on the market, but Tether (USDT) has been maintaining its leadership in terms of capitalization, trading volume, and media mentions for a few years already. 

Tether is the number three (in terms of market cap) cryptocurrency and a favourite choice of countless traders and investors looking to save the value of their funds, avoid volatility, and abstain from selling crypto and buying fiat money. 

The Basics

Tether USDT was introduced to the market in 2014 by crypto enthusiasts Brock Pierce, Reeve Collins, and Craig Sellars as the first stablecoin. Pegged to USD and originally called Realcoin, at first, USDT used Bitcoin’s blockchain for issuing tokens. Later, as the project grew, it expanded to Ethereum, EOS, Tron, Algorand, and OMG. Currently, the Ethereum ERC20 version remains the most popular, despite infamously high network fees. 

The coin has surely gone through some ups and downs, including issues with volatility, lawsuits, and numerous rumours. Nevertheless, Tether USDT seems to disrupt all attacks and only keeps on getting stronger.

Operating Principles

The aim of every stablecoin is to provide stability, protecting the asset from seemingly inevitable crypto volatility. It can be achieved by pegging the coin to another asset or algorithmically. Tether USDT has chosen the most straightforward way possible by pegging its leading coin to USD. 

The team behind Tether claimed that there is physical collateral in the form of fiat money and other assets for every coin issued. Although there has been some controversy regarding this statement in the past, currently Tether managed to settle all the cases.

USDT acts as an essential link between the worlds of cryptocurrency and fiat, allowing investors and traders to stay in the crypto space even when they want to secure the funds’ value. Although it doesn’t always provide one hundred percent stability and its rate fluctuates slightly, the currency is as close as it can get to relative stability. 

Available on several blockchains, Tether USDT caters for various groups of users and enables fast money transfers between wallets and exchanges, including DEXes that often do not have fiat deposit functionality. On top of that, the USD peg makes USDT a good fit for Forex-like trading.

Moreover, there are three other variations of Tether: EURT pegged to EUR, CNHT pegged to Yuan, and a gold-pegged one.

Storing and Trading

Buying or trading Tether USDT won’t be a problem as nearly every cryptocurrency exchange, including HitBTC, have already listed the coin. Storing USDT is not an issue either – numerous custodial and non-custodial wallets support the digital currency. 

However, before transferring USDT to any external address, make sure you’ve chosen the network correctly. Otherwise, the receiver won’t be able to see the assets. In case you’re new to the crypto space, storing your assets on the exchange before you figure out the basics will be the safest option.

Closing Thoughts

Stablecoins became an integral part of the cryptocurrency market, and Tether USDT is confidently leading the movement. It is a powerful tool that helps traders quickly access market stability without moving back to the fiat world. Despite the controversy surrounding the coin, it is one of the top three crypto assets in terms of market cap. Besides, USDT becomes even more popular during times of financial instability.

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February digest from HitBTC

February Digest 2022

Our platform’s experts have prepared a short digest about the main news of the crypto market and HitBTC platform!

Cryptocurrency Market

BTC price on 28th February was $37 797 

ETH price on 28th February was $2 616 

The best results were shown in February:

 Terra (LUNA) gone up 77,77%, from $52,21 to $79,04

 Waves (WAVES) gone up 73,66%, from $9,03 to $12,77

What’s new on HitBTC

Staking  up to 20% is live on HitBTC. The easy way to stake coins will allow anyone to gain additional profit regardless of their experience with crypto.

In February we burned a total of 40,100,170 HIT tokens (about 9.5 million USDT). Transaction Link

New tokens are here:

Kucoin (KCS) is the native token of KuCoin.

Huobi BTC (HBTC) is the native token of Huobi Blockchain Team.

API3 (API3) stated goal is to allow decentralized versions of APIs to be built, managed and monetized at scales.

Viblos (VIBLO) can allow content creators to validate their works before placing them on the market.

Beldex (BDX) s a privacy coin and a utility on the privacy-preserving DApps

Moonriver (MOVR) is an Ethereum-compatible, smart-contract parachain on Kusama.

Serum (SRM) is a decentralized exchange (DEX) and ecosystem that brings unprecedented speed and low transaction costs to decentralized finance (DeFi).

Bonfida (FIDA) bridges the gap between Serum, Solana, and the user. It is the flagship Serum GUI and brings Solana Data analytics to the field.Mission Helios (HELIOS) is the first decentralized space community to ever launch an imagery nano-satellite to orbit and mint earth’s images as Non-Fungible Tokens on the ethereum blockchain.

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The HitBTC crypto wallet is a free and simple solution for beginners.

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Fees and Limits update

We have recently updated our fees and limits. For the latest updates, please visit the fees and limits section on our website here. 

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How You Can Improve Your Trading on HitBTC with Automation and Robots

Crypto trading automation

When it comes to crypto trading, every trader has her or his own personal techniques and tools. Some of them rely on crypto signals, others use technical screeners… Certainly, none of these tools can replace a trader’s mind and heart, but they can surely help optimize your trading routine.

Today, we would like to talk about how automation and crypto trading bot can help you to benefit from using them in your trading, and also what are the risks of using these tools and what are the crucial details you should know before you start using them. 

How does trading bot work?

A cryptocurrency trading robot is a software program that executes transactions according to a specific trading strategy: simply put, the trading bot places buy and sell orders on the crypto exchange on your behalf. They work even when you’re sleeping and aren’t driven by fear or greed, so they’re more accurate in following the strategy.
All you need to do is to connect your HitBTC account via API and then choose a trading pair and set up a strategy. After a crypto trading bot is connected to an exchange, it starts to monitor the market and opens and/or closes deals according to the parameters of strategy you set when the market conditions meet the requirements. So the bot acts based on the rules that have been set and do the needed action (buy or sell) on your behalf.

The benefits and risks of using crypto trading bot

The best thing about using crypto trading bots is their flexibility. It doesn’t matter if the market is bullish or bearish: with the right strategy and tools it is possible to make potential profits regardless of the market condition: you can always adapt them to your own trading style  and approaches. However, there are certain risks that you may encounter when you start using them in your trading routine. Let’s take a closer look at pros and cons of the crypto trading bots:

The pros 

There are many reasons why you should consider using crypto trading bots. Here are just a few of them:

Deals with routine you do not need 

Crypto market is notorious for its high volatility and trading in it can be exhausting. Crypto trading bots, on the other hand, can make your trading routine simpler. You do not need to place all your orders manually to close the deal at the best rate, since the bot can do that for you ten times faster. Moreover, the bot will make sure your order stays at the top of the book so it gets executed first, which done by you manually would just exhaust you to the core. 

Multiplies your trading speed and increases number of deals you can run at once

Let’s face it, none of the human beings can trade at the pace of a software program that was designed to place multiple orders at a fraction of a second (one 64 millionth of a second if we are talking about HFT bots). Allowing bots to trade for you increases your trading speed and “reaction” hundreds of times and it is definitely an idea worth considering when you trade multiple pairs at once. And again it’s a matter of time management: while the bot trades, you can live your life without the need to check the charts all the time.

Works 24/7 and saves your time

Unlike traditional markets, the crypto market does not have open and close hours and  is working 24/7, and so should you. At the same time it is simply not possible to be chained to your laptop or smartphone 24/7. Here where the bots can definitely come in handy. They can monitor the market day and night, thus saving you a lot of time, and you can just check up on them from time to time, and manage or create the new ones once you see the need.

Saves you from emotional moves

When you see that things go south, you unintentionally become emotional. And trading emotionally almost always leads to losing, because you stop following your carefully selected strategies and game plans and you start acting recklessly. Crypto trading bots do not have emotions and always keep following the algorithm that was embedded earlier into them.

The cons 

Nothing is perfect, and even automated trading has its own risks and cons. Let’s take a look at the problems you might encounter when you start using bots in your trading routine:

Bots are not your passive income machine – you do need to play your part

No one is safe from a sudden drop in cryptocurrency prices. But if your bot is programmed to buy and sell only in one direction and that situation happens, you are risking losing money and not profiting. So you should never look at the bots as your passive income source, it is your automation tool and a helper, but you still need to decide what and when to trade, and what strategies to use, you still need to do your research. 

Wrong bot settings

Bot is merely a tool and it will do whatever settings you decide to use. So, in case you’ve set your bot to trade only in the bullish market and never thought about making it more flexible to operate in both bullish AND bearish cycles, then you won’t see any profits, only losses. That means you should always double check your settings and do some research about the trading strategies first. 

Supervision is still needed

Yes, the bots can trade on their own, and you don’t need to be chained to your PC or phone. However, you still need to supervise the current situation on the market in case it starts to suddenly move in the direction you don’t need, so you could change the settings quickly or move to another trading pair.  

Be wise in what bots platform you use 

If you ever encounter a bot that promises you profit after depositing your digital assets into their “smart contract”, don’t even think about doing that. The real bots operate through your crypto exchange account, and you are able to see all the deals your bot makes. Moreover, your API keys shouldn’t allow the bot to make withdrawals from your account.
Use only the trustworthy and reliable crypto trading bot providers.  Always check how long this company has been on the market, how many users they have in their social media accounts, and what and if the media writes about them. If something is shady or you feel that something is off, then it is better to find another bot provider. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What are the most well-known crypto trading platforms worth checking out?

There are many reliable crypto trading bot software companies that support HitBTC, like Haas online, Trality, TradeSanta. Each of them has been on the market for several years already and has their own pros and cons, so before choosing any of these companies, it is important to study them and their products first. For now, let’s take a closer look at TradeSanta and the tools it has that can help the trader in pursuing the potential profit.
TradeSanta is a crypto trading bots platform that has been operating since 2018, and since its foundation TradeSanta has been supporting HitBTC exchange. It has already helped hundreds of thousands of people to simplify their daily trading: currently, it has more than 210,000 registered users and over 22 million executed deals.

So what tools does TradeSanta offer that can help you to improve your trading on HitBTC? Let’s take a quick look at TradeSanta features:

  • TradeSanta bots can trade on both futures and spot markets.
  • TradeSanta offers a wide choice of signals, like TradingView custom signals, as well as pre-built signals based on TradingView Screener, and technical indicators like Bollinger Bands, MACD, RSI, etc. 
  • Risk management tools, such as stop loss, trailing stop loss and trailing take profit.
  • DCA and grid strategies that are very popular among crypto traders.
  • Demo trading that allows you to test your strategy against the real market conditions without investing real funds.
  • Telegram notifications plus real time tracking to be aware of what your bots are doing.
  • TradeSanta also has a great feature that allows you to quickly close all positions and move all coins in your portfolio in USDT or BTC. It can be quite handy and a real  time saver if you need to do it quickly when for example the market starts to crash or you just want to fix your earnings.
  • TradeSata also has a trading terminal that you can use if you wish to place manual orders. It is especially handy if you run trades on several exchanges at the same time, and you want to place all orders in one place instead of opening each exchange separately.

The mobile app for iOS and Android is also available for you so you can manage your bots on the go.

It is worth mentioning that TradeSanta constantly evolves and adds new features all the time to make the trader’s experience more fruitful and comfortable.


Crypto trading bot can be an effective tool in terms of saving time and boosting your trading power so to say. Allowing the robot to keep an eye on the market can ensure that you don’t miss out on the right moment for your trade deal. In addition, crypto trading bots can trade dozens of times faster than any human being, giving you the edge needed to make the most of the crypto market. 

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Fees and Limits update

We have recently updated our fees and limits. For the latest updates, please visit the fees and limits section on our website here. 

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Viblos (VIBLO) Trading Contest on HitBTC

Viblos Trading Contest

We are pleased to announce that a Viblos (VIBLO) trading contest with a prize pool of  500,000 VIBLO will take place on our platform from 00:00 (UTC) on March 7th to 00:00 (UTC) on March 20th, 2022.

How to participate?

  1. Trade VIBLO on HitBTC during the contest period.
  1. Sit back, relax and wait until the end of the contest to see if you won. Users will be ranked on their buy and sell trade volumes during the contest period. 

Prizes and Positions

500,000 VIBLO in total

1st pos – 150,000 

2nd pos – 100,000

3rd pos – 75 000

4th pos -50 000

5th pos – 25 000

6th – 10th pos – 20 000

Good Luck and Happy Trading!

Apply now:

Please note that we have a zero-tolerance policy towards wash trading and other unfair trading strategies. Those suspected of wash trading will be excluded from the list of winners

What are Crypto Exchange Tokens?

Crypto Exchange Tokens

As being primary places to buy, sell and trade digital assets, cryptocurrency exchanges are the portal for many to enter the crypto world by providing user-friendly interfaces similar to traditional financial and stock brokering platforms and applications. 

Crypto exchanges can offer their users hundreds of trading options alongside services such as cold storage facilities, crypto staking, alongside margin and futures trading, to name a few. In addition, they can also offer users several extra added benefits and privileges by streamlining their native exchange tokens that can be purchased, held and utilized for various purposes. 

Today, there are a number of crypto exchanges offering these kinds of native exchange tokens; however, not all of them are the same. In this blog, we explore some of the most popular native crypto exchange tokens so that you can understand the benefits of such assets and why they are important. 

KCS by Kucoin

KCS, which stands for KuCoin shares, is the native exchange token of the KuCoin platform and ecosystem. The exchange initially created the token to raise money to enhance its development and provide loyal users and holders with several benefits that include: trading fee discounts, voting rights, faster customer support, daily cryptocurrency dividends and the ability to trade KCS with a selection of popular crypto coins. KCS was initially launched in 2017 with a total supply of 200 million. This will be reduced to an eventual 100 million as a result of a buyback and burn scheme by KuCoin to reduce token supply and maintain value.

HT by Huobi

The HT token is the native token of the Huobi exchange giving users discounts provided by the platform’s loyalty and rewards program. HT holders can access several advantages that include cheaper transaction fees, participation and voting privileges, priority access to new coins and tokens on the Huobi platform, investor protection, and trading functionality between HT and numerous other cryptos listed on Huobi. The token was initially launched in 2018 with a limited total supply of 500 million. After its launch, 300 million coins were allocated among traders and users of the exchange, leaving Huobi with 200 million coins in reserve. Huobi also utilizes a deflationary model for the HT token supply burning 15% of its revenue worth in HT every month and using 5% to buy back and burn the team’s tokens. 

FTX Token (FTT) 

Launched in 2019, FTX Token (FTT) is the native exchange token of crypto derivatives trading platform FTX. The team behind the platform have tried to create a utility token that overcomes issues faced by crypto derivatives futures exchanges in order to ensure more stability and reliability in these fast-moving and more volatile markets. The FTX token has a maximum supply of 352,170,015 FTT coins and its key features include a clawback prevention mechanism to reduce the risk of socialized losses, a centralized collateral pool to enhance liquidity and a universal stablecoin settlement protocol. Users and holders of FTX can also implement leverage trades without necessarily using a margin, giving them more flexibility to trade with leverage as they wish. 


The HIT Token is the foundation of our very own HitBTC ecosystem. It has a maximum supply of 2,000,000,000 and is designed to provide our community attractive incentives and exclusive access to our platform that offers over 800 trading pairs, 400+ spot instruments and the fastest API on the market. HIT holders can get up to 45% discount on trading fees and can also benefit from low commissions on all HIT trading pairs. 

To ensure and maintain the stability of HIT, we are also operating a deflationary model where we have allocated a minimum of 20% of our monthly trading commissions to buy back HIT tokens and burn them on with the aim of eventually reducing the overall supply by half to 1bn HIT tokens.

HIT was created to provide our users with a seamless experience on HitBTC alongside exclusive benefits for our upcoming products that include using HIT as collateral for margin and futures trading, accessing higher affiliation program rebates, obtaining lower fees on futures contracts, gaining more staking rewards and taking part in the decision making of our blockchain ecosystem with governance rights on future token listings. For more information and to buy HIT click here

Why Should Traders Use Native Exchange Tokens?

As you can see, native exchange tokens come in many forms, and within this article, we have discussed a selection of options available from some of the most popular crypto exchanges out there, including our own. 

Over the last few years, native exchange tokens have become important foundations of many cryptocurrency trading platforms empowering investors and users of such platforms to benefit from a whole array of unique opportunities, privileges, and rewards. This has, in turn, given trading platforms more loyal and consistent user bases while at the same time allowing them to increase their liquidity, incentivize trading activity and create instant utility for such tokens within their ecosystems.

For our platform, launching HIT has allowed us to grow our ecosystem and also give back to our community by giving HIT holders access to cheaper transaction and trading fee options. However, this is just the beginning, and we have a number of upcoming plans for HIT that will amplify its use cases on HitBTC by providing our users with even more trading benefits and also more inclusivity within the future direction of developments on our trading platform. Stay tuned for updates about when new capabilities will be rolled out for HIT by following our blog and social media channels. 

As one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms in the blockchain space, with one of the most comprehensive lists of trading pairs on the market, we offer buy, sell and trading functions for all of the native exchange tokens listed in this article. All you have to do is register here, or sign in to your HitBTC account here.

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Fees and Limits update

We have recently updated our fees and limits. For the latest updates, please visit the fees and limits section on our website here. 

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HitBTC Token (HIT) Token Burn Update – February 2022

HIT Token Burn

In February we burned a total of 40,100,170 HIT tokens (about 9.5 million USDT). The overall supply of HIT has officially decreased from 1,783,686,312.06 HIT to 1,743,586,142.06 HIT as a result of this recent burn.

Transaction Link:

HIT token, is the foundation of the HitBTC ecosystem and is used to provide incentives and rewards to our traders and active members in our community.

Find out more about the HIT Token here.

For more information about the HIT Token read our frequently asked questions here.