Nimiq Mainnet: deadline for the token transition

Dear traders,

Nimiq, a browser-based blockchain payment protocol & ecosystem, has set grace period ending on November 30 for Activating NIM for NET. We kindly remind the NET token holders to activate NIM to access the Nimiq Mainnet.

The last chance to activate NIM from your NET is by Friday at 3:00 pm GMT, November 30, 2018.

Activation of NIM from NET started February 28. After launching Mainnet on April 14, a generous period of an additional 6 months was provided and recently entered a grace period until the end of October. This grace period is extended a last and final time, providing every NET holder with an ultimate chance to make use of their NET and activate corresponding NIM.

The NET token (ERC20) smart contract will be stopped in conjunction with the announced end of NIM Activation. With that, it becomes technically impossible to move NET tokens from one address to any other and their effective ‘life’ ends. The trading for the token will be halted, possibly prior to its deferral.

To activate your tokens, visit and follow the “Activation” link.

NOTE: Activation is a process that includes a KYC step (a process to verify your identity) which takes a bit of time and will require handling during business hours. To not run the risk of missing the deadline, DO NOT wait with Activation until the last days.

Nimiq aims to build a global society empowered by a decentralized, self-sustaining and censorship-resistant infrastructure that is equally accessible to everyone.

To learn more, please visit