Neufund – A Community-owned Fundraising platform

Dear traders,

We are excited to announce the listing of Neumark (NEU), the token of Neufund Platform.

Neufund is building a community-owned fundraising platform. They are making an upgraded version of the popular ICO mechanism available to companies for fundraising and financing purposes. With the platform any company – blockchain or not – can “tokenize” itself in a way that is legally and technically secure.

Neufund is also building a legal layer under German and EU law, with an aim to make it work globally. As such, Neufund can become a new way to fund ventures with Equity Token Offerings (ETO).

Neumark token

Neumarks (NEU) are Neufund’s protocol tokens which participants earn by investing into ETOs. The NEU tokens entitle their holders to economic co-ownership of the platform and therewith to revenues generated by the platform. NEU token holders receive a share of success fees paid by ETOs taking place on Neufund, as well as economic benefit from a platform portfolio pool by holding a small amount of every ETO ever conducted. The amount of Neumarks held represents the individual stake in the Neufund ecosystem. In total, they thus represent the value of Neufund’s entire token economy.


You can join Neufund Telegram community and check their whitepaper


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