NAVI: a unified digital ID for any place and object in real and virtual worlds

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we are glad to announce that NAVI, the token of the Naviaddress platform, is now being traded on HitBTC.

Naviaddress, a blockchain ID project, which develops, markets and operates an address platform. The platform provides users with naviaddresses as unified digital IDs for any places or objects in physical and virtual worlds.

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Naviaddress is the first complete solution to the problem of addresses: it assigns a unique number-based address to any location or person worldwide. It may also be able to function as “a smart address” because users can assign and store relevant information such as “last mile” navigation (embedded geographical coordinates, physical address, hours of operation, route description, photos and other relevant information), which makes it also easier to find complicated, remote locations and newly built structures.

Naviaddress has already advanced in its blockchain protocol development, engagement of tens of thousands of users, as well as a list of A-class international partnerships which includes DPD, Uber, and

The Naviaddress token (NAVI) is a ERC20 utility token, which can be used within the platform for purchasing premium addresses.

To learn more, visit company’s website.

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