Komodo – the first decentralized ICO platform

Dear Traders,


We are excited to present a token of Komodo platform, providing a full blockchain kit for ICOs. Komodo guarantees to launch a transparent coin offering while maintaining investors’ privacy through the built-in confidentiality features. For the first time in crypto history it’s possible to issue and distribute native cryptocurrencies without a trusted third party.

Here are some main features of the Komodo platform

–          Independent blockchain. The technology gives developers a native blockchain (assetchain), enabling full control of the development.

–          White label solutions. Only your branding needs to be added.

–          Micropayment Channels. Attach micropayments into your service: fast block time and no fees.

–          Fiat pegged assetchains. Integrate stable peer-to-peer payments into your service, fully decentralized.


The Komodo team is dedicated to focusing on providing privacy and security through a protocol called Delayed Proof of Work.This technology recycles the Bitcoin hashing power to additionally secure the Komodo blockchain. The project’s primary goals are to decentralize token issuance, exchange & distribution as well as to provide interoperability between different blockchains. Komodo can be seen as a robust blockchain framework for decentralized applications and enterprise level blockchain-based solutions.


Decentralized ICOs are the first of many solutions to real world problems that Komodo intends to solve through its fully open source and free ( MIT License ) codebase. Expect more innovative solutions, tackling problems big and small to arrive out of Komodo Platform in the near future.


To find out more, visit Komodo’s official website