Jury.Online – responsible ICO platform

Dear traders,

we are glad to announce that JOT, the token of the Jury.Online platform, is now offered for trading on HitBTC.

Jury.Online is developed to be a space for holding secure ICOs using the creative combination of the most advanced means of scam controlling, smart contracts, escrow and arbitration. The main idea of the Jury.Online project is to help investors to control funds expenditure and help ICO projects to attract investments through the arbitration regulation.

Jury.Online offers pools of Arbiters to the ICOs and Investors. Arbiters are people, well-recognised in professional areas such as IT, fintech, legal or blockchain and not affiliated with either of the parties in the platform. They make preliminary evaluation of the project, give advice in their area of specialization and, in case of conflict, analyze the results and vote for either of parties.

Jury.Online implements a protocol to provide interaction between parties of the deal and its arbiters for blockchain transactions. Any company can integrate it into their own platform. If the integration is handled by the Jury.Online team, all the arbiters that are included in Jury.Online pool can interact with the parties of transaction to make reasonable decisions. Since the protocol is free and open-source, any company can integrate it without pools of arbiters as well.

Jury.Online token (JOT) is used as the payment for the arbiter service and as a platform fee for investors. The maximum amount of issued JOTs is 30,000,000.

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