Impak (MPK) market update

Dear traders,

We are happy to provide you with the most complex and rich token supply on the market. New coins are being added on HitBTC every few days, and there’s a constant flow of incoming proposals to add more new promising and interesting tools. A lot of partnership agreements are made on a regular basis, and it’s always a pleasure to deal with those who are moving crypto world forward.

Upon multiple requests from traders and market makers we have listed Impak Project (MPK) in July. Recently its team had contacted us with an important message. They have kindly asked us to suspend trading MPK on HitBTC because the idea behind Impak seems to be totally different from the other coins.

Word goes to Impak developers:

 — «Unlike most cryptocurrencies, Impak will not be traded on exchanges (markets), but rather on a dedicated market managed by Impak Finance, and at a pre-established price point. This way, impak Coin will be stable in value, contrary to the usual offer and demand models.»

It’s important for us to be of assistance and support for everyone who we partner and interact with. The decision made by Impak team may seem uncommon for crypto community, since the most usual goal of any new coin is to win as much markets and trading platforms as possible. Nevertheless, we appreciate and value our partnership. We have thoroughly discussed this issue with Impak team and we are ready to cooperate.

The trading process on MPK/USDT is going to be suspended on October 12th. In case you would have active orders on that market, they will be cancelled and you will get your coins back. Please note that there’s IOU trading going on on that market, MPK coins haven’t been issued yet, so they are unavailable for withdrawal. You are able to safely store MPK IOUs on HitBTC. Once Impak tokens are released, you will be able to withdraw them. According to Impak team, that is going to happen in summer 2018.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our support team in case you’d require any assistance or have any thoughts to share. Also Impak team is here for you, feel free to contact them.


HitBTC Team