How to invite friends on HitBTC and get a reward?

Dear traders, meet our new Affiliate program!
You can invite friends to join trading on HitBTC via your own custom links and get up to 75% reward from their trading fees. The more users you engage, the more profit you gain.

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How to invite users

Step 1. Generate unique links. Via these links HitBTC will recognise users as referral ones. Thus we could track your earnings thereafter.

Step 2. For the sake of convenience rename links in accordance to your marketing channels to track their efficiency afterwards.

Step 3. Copy link, share it directly to the Social media or send via email.

Step 4. Track engaged users’ activity such as turnover and trades, and your personal affiliate program earnings. Turnover tab shows you the total turnover of users who completed their buy/sell orders. Check user’s activity information on Users Statistics tab.

Step 5.

Withdraw your earnings as they reach 0.01 BTC, and check out your Main account balance.
Please note that we manually approve every withdrawal which exceeds 0.05 BTC. You cannot withdraw more than 0.1 BTC at a time.

Tips & tricks to succeed in HitBTC Affiliate program

To make your Affiliate program experience even better, we suggest keeping in mind the following:

  • Use different links for different social media posts and time of posting. Thus you can better understand your audience’s engagement and find out the perfect time for efficient communication.
  • Always seek new ways to deliver unique content to your audience. For example, write a review of your own HitBTC experience, engage readers to join trading and share their own reviews.
  • Shoot a video showing how to trade on HitBTC exchange and call your audience to click the referral link.
  • Add your referral links to your comments on forums and social media
  • Track your records at Users Statistics table and choose better way to increase your earnings.


We will be pleased if you share your Affiliate program success stories with us. Send your story to and we will publish the best ones in our blog.

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