HitBTC Core Relocation to London on May 20, 2019

At HitBTC we are dedicated to providing institutional-grade connectivity solutions while maintaining system resilience, both of which are vital to expanding the reach of digital assets trading. HitBTC is the industry-leading provider of digital asset trading solutions with 150% more trading pairs than the nearest competitor and with average throughput of over 10,000 orders per second. As such we are committed to continuously improving our infrastructure and delivering trading and market data connectivity with the lowest latency and maximum security possible.

In this light, we are pleased to announce the rolling out of the improved infrastructure layout of the exchange core and the migration thereof along with other services including our automated custody to LD4 data center (London, UK). A result of long-lasting efforts on the side of our engineering team, the updated architecture also enables HitBTC to maintain high performance in the face of growing number of trading pairs, new traders, and unexpected jumps in trading activity. The improvements made will bestow traders with the ability to react much more quickly to rapidly changing market conditions resulting in sharp price movements. Our preliminary benchmarks indicate mean door-to-door latency of ~600 μs and ~5 ms when utilizing FIX and Websockets/REST, respectively.

Scalable, high-performance co-location services are an integral component for supporting the increasing demand for high-throughput access. HitBTC ensures low-latency, versatile, and robust connectivity by hosting a data center in London to provide, among others, brokers, hedge funds, and banks with the required infrastructure to access reliably the digital asset space. To learn more about low-latency FIX access, contact our partner company BEQUANT.

Finally, the automated part of our custody is also moved to a highly secure LD4 datacenter. Our estimates suggest that the custody solution we have today is the most comprehensive and least susceptible to human factor due to its high degree of automation and, hence, the most reliable on the market. This is starkly evidenced by the fact that for 6 years since inception in 2013 it has never been breached.

Expected works schedule:
Approximately 10 minutes of trading downtime on 20 May, between 17.00 UTC and 21.00 UTC.

For your convenience, we will inform you of the exact maintenance schedule 3 hours and 15 min before the procedure via Twitter and Web notifications.