GrEARN – a public ledger for retail industry

GrEARN is an international project initiated by a Singapore-based foundation GFF.  

GrEARN applies blockchain technologies, smart contracts, DAI, DID, cross-chain and related technologies to connect global consumers, retailers, brands, advertisers, investors, and associated participants. The company is aimed to build a dependable retail ecosystem for the future and encourages all participants to contribute to maintaining the GrEARN ecosystem.

GrEARN’s founding team comes from Tsinghua University, Peking University, China University of Science and Technology, and National University of Singapore. The project’s international core team is composed of former employees of Reuters, Wall Street organizations, well-known securities analysts, Baidu, and a CTO of an NYSE listed company who have substantial capital advantages and reliable technical support.

To learn more about GrEARN, please visit the official site: