FTX – digital asset for the FintruX Network

Dear traders,

HitBTC is pleased to list FintruX (FTX). FTX is the digital asset for the FintruX Network, a global P2P business lending ecosystem powered by Ethereum and no-code development. Investors and traders that missed out on the token sale will be now be able to buy the tokens on the HitBTC exchange.

FintruX is creating a true peer-to-peer network to facilitate marketplace lending and ease the cash-flow issues faced by SMEs when running a business. Small businesses, especially startup companies, can face an uphill struggle when sourcing a loan from traditional lenders, usually requiring significant loan security and long application periods. Borrowing from alternative lenders can also be unattractive, involving high rates and stringent terms.

The FintruX Network solves these issues by offering lenders credit enhancements, which acts as cascading levels of insurance to cover any possible losses. The platform also partners with many unique alternative credit scoring companies to build robust and comprehensive credit files on potential borrowers. Together, these features make it easy for small businesses (SMEs) to secure affordable loans up to six figures within minutes without collateral.

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