FREC: blockchain and big data for art enthusiasts

Dear traders,

We are glad to announce the listing of FREC, the token of Freyrchain, a blockchain-based collectibles data authenticity platform.

FREC collects information about pieces of art from all over the world, including description, provenance, authenticity and transaction history, and stores this information on blockchain.

Freyrchain has created the first blockchain-based collection authentication platform which is intended to create a decentralized digital repository platform of culture and art works for art enthusiasts to help their growth.

The database app has been developed to provide access to information, historical transaction and collection records of a certain item as well as ancillary authentication information support for the whole industry.

Freyrchain has the biggest physical Chinese art library and the biggest collection database in the world, covering almost all known published Chinese art books and records worldwide.

Collectors and art dealers will use FREC tokens to add their works of art to the database, write comments, make transactions, participate in auctions, etc. Circulation of FREC is expected to encourage people to publish information about new art works, appraisals and comments, and therefore develop healthy Freyrchain ecosystem.

To learn more, visit Freyrchain official website or read Freyrchain White Paper


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