ETHlend – Innovative Decentralized Lending Platform

Dear traders,

HitBTC is thrilled to announce the soon listing of the ETHlend (LEND), the token of the first and only functioning decentralized lending platform. It has successfully raised $13 million in the first 2 days of the token sale for early adopters.

Traditional lending platforms don’t let you loan across borders — the money transfer and exchange process would be too time-consuming and too costly for retail size loans. There are also governmental regulations keeping the bank loans within the respective countries.

ETHLend is a fast and inexpensive way to facilitate lending and borrowing around the world, next to the traditional banking system. ETHLend enables everyone to participate and profit from international lending. It decentralizes the entire process using Blockchain technology and takes lending from banks and regulators to everyone, empowering every participant to lend in a free market. This leads to fair interest rates all over the globe.

Leading the way in decentralized lending, Stani Kulechov, the founder of ETHLend, has now gathered a community of over 7 000 members. Personally involved in the group, he’s available day in and day out to answer queries, which has given a feeling of security amongst the ETHLend community.

This is all backed up by an impressive advisory board with names including but not limited to Jon Matonis the founding Director of The Bitcoin Foundation and Robert Viglione co-founder of Zencash or Tomoaki Sato, founder of Starbase.

To find out more about the company, see additional resources:

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