Enjin Coin – Smart Cryptocurrency & Virtual Goods for gaming

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HItBTC has listed Enjin Coin – a smart token with great aspiration in gaming industry. Have a read about its mail features and development ideas in this blog post.

Enjin®, an existing huge gaming network ​is ​introducing ​Enjin ​Coin ​(“ENJ”), ​a ​new ​cryptocurrency token and ​smart contract ​platform ​that ​gives ​game ​developers, ​content ​creators ​and ​gaming ​communities the ​required ​crypto-backed ​value ​and ​tools ​for ​implementing ​and ​managing ​virtual ​goods.


Enjin has 250,000 gaming communities ​across ​thousands ​of ​games and 18.7 ​million ​registered gamers. The core purpose of the platform is to create and sell virtual assets. Enjin Coin allows you to create new tokens called Custom Tokens. They represent any kind of game item, currency, or permission token.



All custom tokens are backed with ENJ, which gives the tokens liquidity. Anyone holding the custom token could send it back to the original mint contract to receive the Enjin Coins that were used to produce it.

Enjin is also developing the Enjin Smart Wallet for mobile and PC that will streamline user experience by linking with trusted games and websites. The wallet can receive transaction & subscription requests from trusted platforms to allow 1 click in-game purchases and trades. The wallet will have full support for all tokens and cryptocurrencies.



With players often spending hundreds or thousands of hours in a single online game, they are investing a lot of energy into their virtual characters and assets. If players had full ownership of these assets, they would value them more. Assets gained years earlier could also increase in value and draw the players back into the game.

The gaming world is ready to experience a revolution in decentralized game assets and currency with Custom Enjin Tokens on the blockchain. We’ve only scratched the surface of features that could be implemented into future games when real asset ownership is introduced.

Please read Enjin Whitepaper to read about all the features, and visit the Enjin Coin website to be updated on the progress of this exciting token!


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