Dragon token – Decentralized Currency for the Entertainment Industry

Dear traders,


We are glad to announce the soon listing of Dragon, new token that aims to enhance the entire  Entertainment and gaming eco-system.


Dragon Token (DRG) is a Utility Entertainment Token with mass adoption across the industry. DRG is already believed by some to disrupt the ASEAN gaming and VIP sector with eyes on gaming space by providing real-world solutions to legacy transactional processes. DRG already has a product imbedded into physical businesses and as such is pioneering ICO best practices.


Dragon Coin will first act as a frictionless, low-cost & transparent alternative financial mechanism within Casinos to enhance the age-old gaming industry. With its expertise in blockchain technology, the Dragon’s goal is to revolutionize the industry while benefiting those rooted in it, as well as all the members of the public who join in the journey to achieve the goals of Dragon Coin.


Dragon will further be pursuing the ways to bring wide opportunities to all adopters across the entertainment industry. By bridging the traditional financial world with the new Era of advanced Dragon blockchain solutions, it is expected to provide frictionless transactions across all entertainment sectors, be it movies, racing gaming and much, much more.


How to use Dragon token


  1. Purchase tokens From HitBTC

First, players need to purchase DRG ERC20 token from a cryptocurrency exchange.


  1. Exchange DRG for DGC in the casino

The DRG ERC20 Tokens are then exchanged for DGC (Dragon Global Chips) at Dragon’s partner Casinos & Junkets, to be used for gaming.


  1. Winnings

Winnings that are paid out to the Player can be converted back to DRG, another cryptocurrency or the Player has the option of receiving a payout in fiat currency.


  1. Supply Burn

A portion of the profits are used to buy-back DRG tokens, and burn them to reduce the total supply.


To learn more about Dragon project, visit company’s website.


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