DECENT token

Dear traders, we are going to continue introducing new exciting cryptocurrencies.

The list of cryptocurrencies keeps growing and so do the possibilities that come with it.
Recently we have listed DCT/BTC trading pair. Today DCT token is released. Deposits/withdrawals are now available on BTC tab.


DECENT, the decentralized content distribution platform, that is Open-Source and utilizes Blockchain to ensure trust and security and protecting authors’ intellectual property.

It is served by the peer-to-peer network and secured by cryptographic and blockchain technology. DECENT is not dependent on any single server. With no single point of failure the access to the information is boundless.

DECENT include ‘censorship-free’ independent publishing, micro-payments for direct exchange of value between content creators and consumers to boot, and a solid voting and reputation engines that help to keep control over the growing amount of content. These engines will utilize information stored in the blockchain and use clever machine learning algorithms to select the right content for the right person.

Slovak team raised over 5,881 BTC–they’ve been working hard on development, and just recently released the prototype of their DECENT Web app for public demonstration.


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