Curriculum Vitae Chain – one-stop solution for the recruitment industry

Dear traders,

We are glad to announce the soon listing of Curriculum Vitae Chain token CVH on HitBTC.

Curriculum Vitae Chain is a blockchain-based platform that aims to eradicate time-consuming practices of checking the CVs of potential employees for employers and enable those seeking jobs to keep a verified track record of their employment and studies. The project would be able to provide a one-stop solution for the problems recruitment industry is facing right now.

The company believes that finding a dream job and a top talent should be made quick, easy as well as significantly less time-consuming and frustrating. On Curriculum Vitae Chain a job seeker can upload his or her CV and pass a one-time verification process that would confirm all previous educators or accreditors and former employers. Having unbound access to all candidates would also significantly improve hiring process for the employers, making it more productive and less costly.

Curriculum Vitae Chain regards recruitment as a broker industry and considers that  the broker role currently undertaken by third party verification companies shall be superseded by the blockchain technology. It would ensure that the verification is only passed by a candidate once and afterwards stored securely and permanently within the secure transparent network. It also excludes double handling and possible processing by multiple verification providers.

CVH token is a ERC20-based token that will be circulating on Curriculum Vitae Chain. Every employer wishing to view a candidate’s CV shall pay him or her a certain amount in CVH token. As the ecosystem grows, the team expects that the token would be becoming gradually more valuable day by day.

Visit CVH Official Website for more information.