CLOUT – a New Step of Media Evolution

Dear traders,


Please welcome CLOUT token on HitBTC.


CLOUT is a blockchain-based platform that promotes the cryptocurrency communities growth and is committed to providing users with quality information in this massively growing space.


CLOUT is a project that aims to solve the problem of false information in the blockchain world. The blockchain based platform allows users to share and evaluate content. When someone posts a piece of news, other users can approve or disapprove it, in case the information is inaccurate or misleading. This feedback is reflected in the user’s rating. Consequently, authors that post fraudulent information, will be penalized by the community and the platform. On the contrary, people that post useful content will be rewarded. Besides, CLOUT users will be able to chat with each other, comment on posts and enjoy other typical social media activities. This makes CLOUT a one-stop shop for all information related to the blockchain and cryptocurrency market and, most importantly, a community self-regulating tool.


The blockchain technology makes the process transparent and advantageous for honest content creators. All users will be rewarded in CLC, CLOUT’s daughter token, based on quality of platform interaction. Posting, commenting, upvoting and being a part of the “crowd wisdom voting polls” all earn users CLC. This system ensures that only high quality posts, comments, and ICO’s rise to the forefront of the platform. CLC is the fuel that runs the Network, CLOUT tokens are what generate CLC.


Behind CLOUT is a star-pledged team of founders and advisors. Sean Kirtz, Founder and President, is a renowned entrepreneur and fintech solution architect. He has solid experience in assessing and managing blockchain based projects and ICOs. One of the key founders, Henry Wang, is a prominent figure in the blockchain business. He is the Founder of International Blockchain Application Federation. Another dominant name is that of CLOUT’s Advisor, David Cohen, one of the pioneers of the decentralized technology.


CLOUT’s team is remarkable for being truly international, since it is formed by professionals from different states and even continents. The team and advisory board features members from the U.S., Europe, Australia, Russia, South Korea, Japan and China.


Please find out more about CLOUT at their official website.