The Advantages of HitBTC API

We’re working hard to bring you the best trading experience. There are some awesome features we’ve been working on. Not to pat ourselves on the back but many of our competitors don’t offer this options yet we find they are of great help when using your own software to trade. If you’re not familiar with our API yet you can get to know more here.

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New Features on Our Exchange

Dear Traders!

We’re constantly looking for ways how to improve your trading experience on our exchange. HitBTC is happy to provide you with more tools to help you achieve success a little bit easier. We’ve got two new features for you. A small Christmas gift for our fellow traders!

Let me go through and explain them for you a little bit:

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Primary Crypto-trading Tools on HitBTC Exchange


Trading Bitcoin and Altcoins isn’t easy. To let you concentrate on the most important thing – decision-making – we’ve got lot of helpful tools and indicators on our platform. If you are already a master trader then this article is probably not for you. So don’t get sad if we are blatantly stating the obvious. All new traders who want a bit of help – I will explain the little tricks and gadgets we’ve added to help you make better decisions when trading. Also I will walk you through how to place your trades and explain trading jargon a bit.

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Start trading cryptos today: 5 ready-to-use strategies

In this article I show you 5 different, yet simple ways for trading cryptos profitably. Of course there are many other ways and strategies out there but I will go over some of my favourite tactics that I use on a daily basis. Implement these simple strategies and tips properly and you will be on your way to crypto success. There’s no 100% guarantee, as yet it is not possible to predict any currency with a 100% accuracy (otherwise surely we’d all be millionaires by now).  But these tips and strategies give you the basic understanding and once you have that, trading cryptos becomes fascinating and also fun. But most importantly – highly profitable.

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How to Make Money on Volatility

In this new series of articles we give you some useful tips and info on trading cryptocurrencies. I share my knowledge on trading, blockchain, strategies and much more. I want to help you up your trading game in the world of future currencies. Come and join me on this new series. I hope to teach you some great stuff and also reveal some tricks up my sleeve.

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New EMA tools on our platform

Technical indicators now available!


We have great news for all of our traders – you can now add EMA tools on our charts to help you make greater profits trading. Let’s have a little look at what EMA-s are and how you can use these indicators and what are a few popular strategies you can implement.

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Check Out New Examples in our API Library!

HitBTC is committed to delivering the most outstanding customer service and regularly adds new features and improves the platform to make it even more convenient.

Many users turn for advice for programming bots leveraging our API and we are always open to share best practice tips and improve the trading experience for the customers.

To help our customers maximize their profits and integrate their bots easily, we created the API library containing the detailed description of our API and examples for the most popular programming languages. We frequently update the API library and we have recently added examples for PHP and Node-JS. You are welcomed to try it out!

New Features

As the most technologically advanced exchange HitBTC proudly introduces the following features specially developed to improve your trading experience.


Advanced Order Book View

Our Terminal now has the advanced view that includes more trading details.

New Exciting Demo Trading On HitBTC

Despite the sudden work that we had to carry due to the recent circumstances (see previous news), we also had time to make a long-planned unique innovation – a demo trading mode. This is a special mode when you are able to credit yourself unlimited test funds and try your strategy as a real trader, but without the risks. You can trade manually or via the API – the test mode is as responsive as the regular exchange platform.

We hope that this opportunity will enable new traders to come to the market and successfully enjoy the services offered by our exchange.