I am going to continue introducing new and awesome cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies have been around over 5 years now and there are so many different altcoins already out there. The list keeps growing and so do the possibilities that come with it. You can buy, sell and trade all of the cryptos featured in the series of posts about altcoins on our exchange. Today I have a look at what Nxt is for. Continue reading

HitBTC Will Soon Add Isracoin!

Today we are excited to announce the new winner of our Coin Voting. The first winners were Dogecoin and Nxt, and these coins are already available for trading on hitbtc.com. Our new winner, Isracoin, gained more than 40,000 votes and secured its position on the top being ahead of other coins by roughly 8,000 votes.

Our Development Team is now working on the technological part of the process, and we expect to open trades for ISR/BTC just in a few weeks!www.isracoin.org

NXT Is Now on HitBTC

Today is a big day! Why? Because NXT is now officially available on HitBTC. Recently, the NXT coin won our ongoing vote, and though the integration process took longer than was originally planned, we have successfully added the NXT to HitBTC. We are convinced that trading BTC/NXT with HitBTC will be a great experience for everybody.

This event is also accompanied by our exclusive offer – just for two weeks starting today 0% fees apply for all trades with NXT vs. BTC. Moreover, NXT is now available for demo trading allowing for testing of your trading strategy before you use it on a real market.

Furthermore, other exciting changes occurred to improve our service – we redesigned the landing page to include more information and we added the Guest Mode on the site. With the Guest Mode, you can now view our market data, charts and order book even if you are not registered on HitBTC.

Monero Now Available on HitBTC Exchange

July 4, 2014. Hitbtc is proud to announce that Monero has been added to our exchange. Much of the launch’s success is owed to HitBTC’s market making program which allowed the virtual currency to accommodate a large number of participants – we thank the Monero market makers and community for their efforts. Hitbtc’s robust technology has made the process easy and efficient and has proved itself as one of the market leaders.

The vote is still on-going and the exchange’s team is working everyday with market makers from different virtual currency communities. Don’t miss your chance to become part of the market dynamics and vote for your favorite coin – or better yet, be a market maker and earn great rewards and cash incentives!

DOGE Coin Is Launched on HitBTC Exchange with 0% Fee

We are happy to say that Dogecoin is finally added on HitBTC and we bring very special fees for DOGE traders.

Earlier we started an open vote to pick the next altcoin to be added on our exchange. The first round winner was Dogecoin, showing its increasing popularity with more than 15 000 votes outnumbering the 2nd challenger with almost twice the votes. Dogecoins are successfully added to HitBTC.com and the voting continues to see which alt coin gets to join DOGE on HitBTC’s Bitcoin exchange platform.

Dogecoin enthusiasts who sign up to HitBTC before July 20th 2014, will receive a 0% fee on all trades made in DOGE for a duration of 1 month. This will be extended another 2 months, for a total of 3 months 0% fee DOGE trading; as long as the customer makes at least one trade on HitBTC’s platform during the first month.