EOS – the new quote currency on HitBTC

Dear traders, we are glad to announce the upgrade of EOS as a quote currency on HitBTC.

EOS will be available to trade against $XRP, $LTC, $XMR, $DASH, $BCN, and many other currencies, starting from 12 September, 15:00 UTC.

By promoting EOS, a leading infrastructure project for decentralized applications to a quote currency, HitBTC aims to enhance the trading experience on EOS and support the community of the project.

The EOS.IO software is designed to let enterprise-level and “community-driven” businesses build scalable blockchain-based applications.

The EOS vision is to build a blockchain DAPP platform that can securely and smoothly scale to thousands of transactions per second, all while providing an accessible experience to app developers, entrepreneurs, and users.

The first versions of the project have been launched in late 2017 by a company called Block.one. The founders, Dan Larimer, and Brendan Bloomer provide some fundamental experience in the crypto-world and have been publicly active in promoting the mass adoption of the blockchain technology.

With its 4bn+ market cap in September, EOS is currently the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and keeps actively engaging its community for further growth and development.

For more information, please visit https://eos.io

Monero Classic – original Monero chain

Dear traders,

We are glad to announce that Monero Classic (XMC) is now available for trading on HitBTC.

Monero Classic is Monero original chain retained after Monero team initiated the hard fork at block height 1546000 to become anti-ASIC. Monero Classic is based on CryptoNote protocol and retains all parameters and features of the original Monero chain. The team behind Monero Classic will continue to build the ecosystem based on the original Monero features, making the original chain of Monero and its surrounding ecosystem thrive.

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Listings: April 17 – April 24

Dear traders!

We are glad to update you on the new tokens listed last week on HitBTC.


GBX (Gobyte) 

GoByte is an innovative, easy to use and low fee cryptocurrency and a digital payment system which can be used on e-commerce websites and in stores. The GoByte Pay module makes

it easy for merchants to process payments from consumers in their store with a simple bar code scan. GoByte was developed as a fork of an existing cryptocurrency system Dash. It is secure and powerful, and has one of the fastest payment processing engines available as well as the ability to be anonymous if the client chooses to use that functionality.

Go trading

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HitBTC to support Ethereum Classic fork Callisto

Dear traders,

HitBTC is going to support the upcoming Ethereum Classic fork Callisto. Every account holding ETC on the balance at the moment of the network snapshot will receive the equivalent amount of CLO automatically in case the fork takes place.

In this post we will share the information about the Callisto project.

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HitBTC to support Super Bitcoin hard fork

Dear traders,

HitBTC keeps a close eye on the latest events in the crypto industry and strives to integrate the most ambitious and innovative projects. This is the reason we have chosen to support Super Bitcoin.

Super Bitcoin is a Bitcoin hard fork scheduled to happen at the block 498888, which should be mined approximately on December 12. As soon as it’s reached, a new chain will be formed and SBTC tokens will be created.

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Our statement on BitcoinCash support

Dear traders,

Since the Bitcoin improvement proposal (BIP-91) had been agreed on, it seemed like Bitcoin crisis is averted and the market-shaking fork won’t take place. Bitcoin development community decided to embrace the software upgrade called SegWit2x, which aims to increase network’s transaction capacity. Continue reading

DigixDAO refunds ETC coins to DGD holders

Dear Traders,

Those of you who hold DigixGlobal tokens (DGD), are entitled to ETC coins, which were formed on Ethereum main blockchain before the hardfork. DigixDAO project had recently announced global refund of these coins.

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