Introducing Scaled Orders on HitBTC

Dear traders!

HitBTC strives to set high goals for our platform’s development and seek more perspectives for our traders. We move forward by adding new tools and options for flexible and time-effective trading.

Today our team is proud to introduce scaled orders – an advanced trading tool that empowers you to set multiple orders at once, leaving space to focus your attention on decision-making and developing your most profitable trading strategies.

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What is an ICO?

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a new crowdsale concept in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain industries.
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Margin Trading

Our great exchange keeps on growing and improving. Our goal is to keep offering our beloved traders all the instruments and options that they might want, hence we aim to add lots more in the future. We’re currently working on all the bits and bobs and techy stuff to be able to provide the option of margin trading for you in the future. If you don’t yet know what margin trading is, keep reading I’ll explain it all.

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Risk Aversion & Loss Aversion

In trading and economics people tend to show two types of behaviours. These two are risk aversion and loss aversion. Risk aversion is when you are not reluctant of taking high risks for a reward. Loss aversion is rather the opposite, this is when you start taking higher risks to try and prevent losses.

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Bitcoin for Beginners

If you’ve just come across Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies or just had an interest in the currency that stands for BTC now, let me explain it as simply as I can. I know that it might be a little bit confusing at first. When I came into contact with the subject of Bitcoin and Blockchain, I did not understand what was being said and how his thing could possibly work at the beginning. Hopefully I can explain it so it becomes clear.

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Bitcoin Anonymity – What is It All About ?

There is a common belief that Bitcoin transactions are anonymous and untraceable. In addition to that many are still cautious of Bitcoin because of the common opinion that it might be used for shady or criminal transactions. One can understand where these concerns may come from – most of you remember Silk Road. To those who don’t, Silk Road was essentially the Ebay for criminals. Pretty clever in the sense. You could buy drugs, guns or order a hitman. However that party is long over as the FBI shut Silk Road down back in October 2013 and the founder Ross William Ulbricht is serving life in prison.

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Performing Arbitrage in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency with HitBTC. Part 1

HitBTC customer support team frequently receives questions concerning trading concepts and strategies. HitBTC public relations team decided to clarify most questionable topics and today we start with an introduction into arbitrage deals in cryptoeconomy.

A definition of Arbitrage

In basic terms, arbitrage is the practice of buying something at one price, then selling it most often immediately afterwards at a higher price via an alternative market. Arbitrage itself comes in many forms, but in all cases the concept remains the same – financial gain through this difference in price. Arbitrage is an essential part of capitalism and occurs throughout the world economy, being a necessary component of a wide variety of commercial transactions. In a supply chain, for instance, goods are produced at one price then sold elsewhere for a higher price.



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