BlitzPredict – the smart contracts for prediction markets

Dear traders,

we are glad to announce that XBP, the token of the BlitzPredict platform, is now traded on HitBTC.

BlitzPredict is a platform which opens new smart-contract based opportunities for sports betting by providing its customers with the access to the best line available in the market at the time of a bet. BlitzPredict also offers instant payouts and access to advanced analytical picks and models.

The platform aggregates sportsbooks and e-sportsbooks, ensuring that users always get the best odds available in the marketplace. BlitzPredict streamlines the process to make prediction markets as simple to navigate as traditional sportsbooks. The company is  also working on smart contract betting which will allow users to execute wagers when certain criteria are met.

The company has recently released its first beta model, available for a trial here

To learn more about BlitzPredict, visit company’s official website


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