Bitcore – Champion of Transactions Speed

Dear traders,

Meet BitCore (BTX) – new coin offering a unique scaling solution making cryptocurrency transactions faster than ever.

Bitcore Overview

Bitcore has a maximum total supply of 21 million coins. All coins will be distributed through a combination of the drop to Bitcoin holders and weekly airdrops to Bitcore holders.


The real difference maker is that Bitcore has 10 MB blocks with Segwit enabled which allows the Bitcore network to handle about 560 transactions per second. The rapid speed and unrivaled scaling easily positions Bitcore  as an everyday currency in the future.

Also, Bitcore has a unique difficulty algorithm called Bitcore 64_15. This algorithm ensures that there is no more than a 15% change in difficulty within a 64 block period. This innovative difficulty adjustment method prevents the block time issues that have plagued some other currencies.

One of the primary goals of the Bitcore team is to provide the most advanced technological solutions to users, distribute pre-mined coins in a fair manner, integrate the coin into payment processors for real world usage.

Bitcore Airdrop COMING SOON

Soon every Bitcoin holder will be able to get 50% in BTX relative to the BTC they held at the time of the snapshot taken at block 492820 (1:2 swap) if the wallet balance is at least 0.01 BTC.

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To find out more about Bitcore, visit company’s official website.


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