aXpire Trading Competition

Dear traders,
As one of our partners, aXpire has brought exciting news to the HitBTC platform. We are glad to announce that the AXPR team is launching a trading competition with prizes worth of $10.000 dollars!

aXpire is a cloud-based and AI-enabled blockchain payment processing company, building the World’s first blockchain based spend management system.

aXpire aims to help asset and fund administrators and managers at banks, hedge funds, and private equity firms to deal with the resource and time-costly process of allocating and apportioning outside vendor costs.

In this exciting competition, designed to spur the movement inside the aXpire community, traders will compete for achieving the highest buying volumes of AXPR tokens on our HitBTC platform.

Top 5 AXPR traders will be awarded the prizes ranging from $500 to $5000. The assessment formula is simple: users will be ranked in terms of the total buying volume minus total selling volume, all in terms of AXPR tokens traded on HitBTC. The more you buy, the greater your chances are to become the #1 trader and win $5000!

1st place – $5000
2nd place – $3000
3rd place – $1000
4th place – $500
5th place – $500

We kindly draw your attention to the important note that the prizes will be delivered in AXPR, in accordance with the exchange rate on the day of the announcement (0.016204$).

The competition will be held from October 12th, 00:00 UTC to November 2nd, 00:00 UTC.

Trade now!