HitBTC announcement on multiple issue reports

Dear Traders,

Recently the media has been flooded with announcements regarding the crypto industry’s booming impact and engagement. Many services have been experiencing technical issues due to the increasing number of clients. Some exchanges are suspending new registrations entirely, and others are taking limitation measures as well.

HitBTC is facing challenges without limiting the possibilities for our clients and we are proud to be one of the few to do so. Expectedly, if a malfunction does occur nowadays, it affects more customers than ever before. The number of our clients has been growing exponentially which has inevitably caused more issues than before and has resulted in a significantly increased amount of complaints.

We have also experienced several DDoS attacks in the last couple of weeks, making things worse. It is a challenging task at the moment as we need to optimize our system for the influx of new traders at the same time and sustain the great number of markets we have, which approaches almost five hundred in total. Our team of experts is handling all matters 24/7.

The software issues are worth mentioning as well. As we’re often the first to deal with new coins, we’re the first to large-scale test their equipment, which usually remains in beta version. Safe exploitation of it is being questioned consequently. Our engineers are locating and resolving vulnerabilities and bugs in the software, manually proceeding stuck transactions when needed. It can mean that certain currencies may remain in maintenance mode for days, with their transactions pending.

All of the above basically means that the waiting line for our support is enormous right now. In the first three weeks of December we have received one and a half times more requests than in the previous three months. Behind every issue there is an easy explanation, but failure to provide them on time (e.g. immediately) predictably causes so-called FUD – fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

The following announcements are being presented to eliminate it.

  • Every support ticket will receive its reply.
    It is worth mentioning right now, despite that it goes without saying by default. Not a single issue will remain unprocessed. However, in order for our support heroes to deliver the best possible efficiency we kindly ask you not to create more than one ticket regarding the same issue. Also it’s a good idea to check on a regular basis whether the reported trouble has already been resolved or fixed. The successful resolution of the issue often arrives more quickly than our proper report about that. Please be patient.
  • HitBTC trading has always been secure and it remains so.
    Not a single bit of our clients’ assets had been lost since our launch in 2013. HitBTC applies the industries’ most reliable methods of protection and provides its traders with a whole set of security tools. However, due to increased hacker activity it’s extremely important to take security measures in your own control zone. Please make yourself acquainted with our detailed article.
  • Our main priorities are the safety of your funds and unlimited access to trading.
    It means that not a single coin of yours can be lost in limbo. Every deposit will reach its destination, every withdrawal will be processed. Some trading opportunities might be missed due to issues mentioned above, but in the long run the opportunities are endless. Our engineers are making it happen, constantly working on the expansion of the HitBTC market.
  • It’s getting better all the time.
    Our team of experts have been developing advanced software, capable of handling the extreme load levels. Support requests processing rate has increased, as our team is scaling and adapting to provide our traders with upscale customer service.

Thank you for staying with us.

Recovery of mistakenly sent cross-currency deposits

Dear traders,

One of the most prominent features of crypto assets’ practices is their immutability. Provided that only you are in charge and in control of your funds, it’s vital to track thoroughly your crypto payments, foreclosing the probability of mistakes taking place, because they are not to be reversed. For example, sending one currency to another’s address could lead to your funds being lost forever.

We are pleased to state that in the significant part of such cases we are able to help.  Make an acquaintance with our course of action which is being taken in on such occasions. It requires a certain amount of manual-like labour with top-level security clearance, as the direct access to user’s private keys is implied. As the outcome stands the fact that some types of cross-currency deposits on HitBTC can be fixed, but not all of them.

Please keep in mind that Bitcoin Cash, mistakenly sent to Bitcoin address formed after SegWit activation (starting with 3), could be lost forever before we manage to recover them. Due to recently revealed BCH network vulnerability these funds can be claimed by anyone under certain conditions, without the access to receiver’s private key. Here’s one of the examples of a whole set of BCH transfers, made to BTC addresses, being spent by one person, eventually 600k USD equivalent ended up being abducted.

Overall crypto network traits and the resulting consequences sometimes could not be helped. The only way to protect your funds from the mentioned network-wide vulnerability is not to make mistakes while performing payments, and that applies to making deposits on HitBTC as well.


Paola Balzano

HitBTC Support Team

Major API updates

Dear traders!

HitBTC continues to bring you progressive cutting-edge tools to meet your trading needs. Today we are unveiling the main features of our upgraded trading API that will enable you to make a step up in advanced trading and create your own applications on a fast reliable basis.

We have greatly improved the technology and introduced the following features:

Cancel/Replace Order request introduced – It empowers you to selectively cancel the existing order and set a new one with edited conditions. It changes the value and the price of an open order, helping you to keep the finger on the pulse of the market.

Added OHLC candlestick data – Candlesticks charts are now available for in-depth analysis of the market. Moreover, contrary to the previous API, it’s not necessary anymore to convert units. All volumes are displayed in the base currency of the chart.

New fast, reliable and convenient REST API. The upgraded version of API is designed to be an easily compatible protocol, programmable in any available language. High response speed is another definite priority we wanted to achieve, which resulted in a greatly optimized response time.

Two-phase commit protocol for withdrawals added – A tool to manage your assets in a secure and handy way within all your applications. In greater confidence originates greater freedom, making way for creative and meaningful solutions.

Explore the variety of methods of our REST API with a convenient GUI viewer, available here. Tap into the available options and try executing the commands right there, with set parameters with or without authorisation. Experience the feel of our latest contribution to professional trading right away!

These are not the only advantages incorporated into our new API, as Socket API has also received several important updates. The implementations include swift transmission of market change data and general upgrade in speed. This enables you to get the reports for your trades instantly. Requests execution is performed in the order of their appearance, providing a predictable workflow.

Try the new API now and enjoy the innovative technologies and top-of-the-line tokens with HitBTC.

Important update on several HitBTC markets

Dear traders,

It’s highly important for us to provide you with the most demanded and compelling tools, and to be the first to do it. Staying up-to-date is vital, since the whole question is not only “what to trade”, but also “when to trade”. More and more attention is being attracted by new tokens and promising ICOs, and we are here to meet all of your crypto expectations.

As HitBTC, accelerating, proceeds forward, the popularity of few our fiat markets hauls and at most remains at the same low level. Notably, trading volumes there are not enough to announce them as truly comfortable and advanced. There’s also one more downside in that: a noticeable share of our resources is used to maintain those markets, with more efficient application being bypassed.

These are:


They’re going to become unavailable in HitBTC interface on November 7th, at 14:00 UTC. Your funds as always will remain safe and intact: in case you have there any amount “on orders”, we will unlock that amount, enrolling it or its USDT equivalent onto your trading account.

Speaking in detail: in case you have an active sell order, you’ll get your cryptocurrency back. In case you have an active buy order, you’ll get your EUR back, exchanged to USDT according to current rate.

In case you’d prefer any other option – please contact us any time. We’ll be glad to discuss it with you personally and find most suitable way.

We believe that the best possible trading experience couldn’t be accurately described as the constant inclusion of new things. The proper way to suit your interests is more than that. Thank you for staying with us.


HitBTC Team

HitBTC announcement on eBTC token contract swap

Dear traders,

We are striving to be at the forefront of volatile cryptocurrency world and provide you with the most advantageous updates, which tend to follow the certain events in the crypto community.

EBTC project has published an important announcement for eBTC token holders recently. They have located an error in the original eBTC token contract. To fix it, they have decided to implement a new smart contract, e.g. create a new token. After that, the goal is to credit eBTC holders with the same amount of new tokens as they own of the current flawed eBTC token at the block 4462000.

According to their announcement, the only way to receive new tokens was to withdraw the old ones from exchanges and to store them on the private wallet. Those eBTC holders who had missed the announcement, are assumed to miss the opportunity to receive new tokens. We are proud to state that we have taken care of it for our respected traders.

We’re taking these steps:

  • Current EBTC trading is temporarily suspended, withdrawals are also kept on hold until November 2nd, 11:00 UTC
  • By that time current EBTC ticker is going to be changed to EBTCOLD
  • At 11:00 UTC, Nov 2nd EBTCOLD trading and withdrawals will be enabled
  • By 18:00 UTC, Nov 2nd all our traders will receive the same amount of new EBTC as they had EBTCOLD at the block 4462000
  • At the same time new EBTC trading pairs will be launched, titled as EBTC.

According to Coinmarketcap, EBTCOLD trading also remains active on the rest of current trading platforms. We won’t terminate trading process until EBTCOLD smart contract remains active.

What’s also important to remember:

  1. EBTCOLD deposits and withdrawals are available, as the old contract remains active and executes transactions. As soon as this changes, our community will decide the next course of action.
  2. It’s not possible to successfully send old eBTC to a new contract address and vice versa. Please make sure that you’re using correct addresses while performing eBTC transactions.

Please contact our support team in case you’d require any assistance or would like to share an idea. Trade happily!


HitBTC Team

New Support centre

Dear traders!

We have been making significant improvements to our support system to bring you a new convenient support centre. It combines  current Support and FAQ sections and will serve as a knowledge base and a customer care centre. A whole set of articles is covering most of the questions that may arise while using our platform.

There are several main categories:

HitBTC essential user’s guide – We understand that as you join HitBTC, your main goal is probably to start trading as soon as possible. This section will be of help in that, as it shares tips on how to set up your HitBTC account with proper protection and make your first trades and withdrawals.

Most common issues – Even the best might get something wrong. This section will give troubleshooting advice on the most common issues our traders can experience.

Trading – If you are just starting your journey as a trader or missing a few terms, this section will introduce you to the basics of trading, some trading vocabulary and types of orders.

ICO – ICOs have become one of the most effective ways to crowdsource a blockchain project. HitBTC carefully chooses the most compelling ones and introduces them to our traders. The ICO section unveils some details about ICOs in general, HitBTC’s stance on them and guides you through adding your own project to our exchange.

Affiliate – We provide a well-structured affiliate program with tools to bring you the most context and efficiency. This section provides an overview of the program, best practices and suggestions for getting the most out of it.

You can use the Support Centre by just browsing through the sections to get the basics or use the search bar to check whether a question you have is covered. Naturally, you can always submit a request to our Support Team by clicking the link in the top right corner or in the end of each article and we will do our best to assess your query in the shortest terms.

We hope you will enjoy the new support tool we are presenting. If you have a suggestions on how we can improve it, do not hesitate to let us know.


HitBTC Team


Security announcement on HitBTC passwords recovery system

Dear traders,

Our main priority is the safety of your funds. All security tools on HitBTC provided, you are able to stay completely secure: multiple 2-step verification, email verification for withdrawals, security notifications etc. But it’s important track your online security in general. Your email address, which you’ve used to create your HitBTC account, is your unique identifier on the exchange. It serves as the key to your account. Withdrawal confirmations are being sent there, and the password reset link as well.

It’s absolutely vital to keep an eye on your email’s safety and the safety of your connection. We are doing our best in handling any possible outside insecurities. After a successful password reset attempt the withdrawals on your account will be delayed for the next 72 hours. The proper notification is going to be displayed in your “Account” section.

Don’t hesitate to contact our support team in case you’d require any assistance or guidance.


HitBTC Team

An important update on Bitcoin Gold

Dear traders,

Recently we have announced our support of Bitcoin Gold fork token, titled as BTG. According to Bitcoin Gold official statement , this fork is going to be declared by “taking a snapshot” of the Bitcoin blockchain before its height reaches 491407 and considering this block the first one of the newborn chain. BTG network is to be launched shortly afterwards, presumably on November 1st.

Within 24 hours after the snapshot fork block we will credit our Bitcoin holders with the same amount of BTG and open BTG markets, launching BTG futures trading.

Please note that Bitcoin Gold does not have yet fully formed consensus code, adequate code for testing, implemented replay protection and blockchain explorer. Moreover, Bitcoin Gold team hasn’t made any announcements or comments for a while concerning any of those issues. The possibility of hard fork not taking place at the specified date does exist, and we unfortunately cannot guarantee the opposite. We kindly inform you that futures trading of any kind includes a certain amount of risk. It’s vital to keep in mind possible consequences of any feasible outcome.

As soon as BTG opens its p2p network and  the first two blocks are mined, BTG will be open for deposit and withdrawal. We will keep you informed about any further updates.

If you have any questions or our assistance is required, please contact our support team.

HitBTC team

SegWit2x Future Tokens trading live on HitBTC

Dear traders,

As it follows from our recent statement, we have decided to provide you with the access to SegWit2x fork, titled as B2X. It appears to be activated in November, and you have the access to B2X future split tokens markets in advance. Please make an acquaintance with our roadmap on SegWit2x. Note that trading future split tokens can involve certain risks, as it is impossible to predict how the situation would evolve, so give it due consideration. 

October 17th. B2X token markets are open on HitBTC! Trade B2X with BTC, ETH and USDT.

B2X is not available for deposits and withdrawals, because SegWit2x is not activated yet.

The original BTC ticker remains with the original Bitcoin.

The day SegWit2x is activated. These actions are to be performed:

  1. B2X deposits and withdrawals will be enabled. Future split tokens you’ve purchased will turn alive.
  2. You will receive the same amount of B2X as you hold BTC on your HitBTC account.

Further actions. Since it isn’t clear yet, whether SegWit2x will gain the majority of support worldwide, we’re going to keep abreast of any changes. Keeping an open dialogue with our community, we will provide them with a possibility to decide the course of action to follow. As always, our mission here is to listen and fully understand the needs of our traders, being ready to fulfil them and meet the highest expectations. 

Throughout the whole process we guarantee the safety and security of your assets. We may temporarily suspend BTC deposits and withdrawals during the hard fork process, due to the lack of strong two-way replay protection in SegWit2x. Once we are sure that it’s safe, we will restore the full functionality of Bitcoin on HitBTC. 

In case the split event doesn’t take place by the end of this year, B2X tokens will be deemed to have zero value.

Follow our updates.



HitBTC team

Impak (MPK) market update

Dear traders,

We are happy to provide you with the most complex and rich token supply on the market. New coins are being added on HitBTC every few days, and there’s a constant flow of incoming proposals to add more new promising and interesting tools. A lot of partnership agreements are made on a regular basis, and it’s always a pleasure to deal with those who are moving crypto world forward.

Upon multiple requests from traders and market makers we have listed Impak Project (MPK) in July. Recently its team had contacted us with an important message. They have kindly asked us to suspend trading MPK on HitBTC because the idea behind Impak seems to be totally different from the other coins.

Word goes to Impak developers:

 — «Unlike most cryptocurrencies, Impak will not be traded on exchanges (markets), but rather on a dedicated market managed by Impak Finance, and at a pre-established price point. This way, impak Coin will be stable in value, contrary to the usual offer and demand models.»

It’s important for us to be of assistance and support for everyone who we partner and interact with. The decision made by Impak team may seem uncommon for crypto community, since the most usual goal of any new coin is to win as much markets and trading platforms as possible. Nevertheless, we appreciate and value our partnership. We have thoroughly discussed this issue with Impak team and we are ready to cooperate.

The trading process on MPK/USDT is going to be suspended on October 12th. In case you would have active orders on that market, they will be cancelled and you will get your coins back. Please note that there’s IOU trading going on on that market, MPK coins haven’t been issued yet, so they are unavailable for withdrawal. You are able to safely store MPK IOUs on HitBTC. Once Impak tokens are released, you will be able to withdraw them. According to Impak team, that is going to happen in summer 2018.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our support team in case you’d require any assistance or have any thoughts to share. Also Impak team is here for you, feel free to contact them.


HitBTC Team