HitBTC is becoming an official EOS BP candidate

Dear HitBTC traders,

We are excited to announce that HitBTC is becoming an official EOS BP candidate.

HitBTC is the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchange. Since 2013, we have been providing markets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, USDT and over 300 more cryptocurrencies in total.

EOS’s core vision and values—a can-do attitude and focus on community—align with our own. This is why we want to enrich the EOS ecosystem by using the power of our technical expertise, and the worldwide reach of our community.

The HitBTC’s global-reaching user base can help imparting the ideas of EOS around the world. We also count with the advantage of having spent years monitoring the market and having learned through experience how to provide quality service and meet user needs. With our hands-on experience and our worldwide community network in place, it will be easy for us to share the ideas of EOS.

We are among the leaders in high load software performance. Our state of the art platform is capable of handling massive throughput at extremely low latencies, and our highly skilled software engineers excel at solving complex tasks on a day-to-day basis. An international team of our technical experts will support all EOS ecosystem.

Just like EOSIO, HitBTC is a state of the art platform. With security and smooth performance being our key focuses, we aim to continue this tradition as a Block Producer, while maintaining and enhancing EOSIO as well.

Founded in 2013, HitBTC is one of the pioneer exchanges, standing at the origins of the crypto world, which we helped to build. Having the philosophy “only the sky is the limit” in mind, we aim to keep building higher. We have the technical knowledge, global loyal user base and manpower to take EOS to the next level of development.

Wishing you happy trading,

HitBTC team

Name BP: Hitbtcproduc
Website: https://hitblockproducer.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hitbtc
Facebook: https://facebook.com/hit.btc
English Telegram: https://t.me/EN_HitBTC
Spanish Telegram: https://t.me/ES_HitBTC

HitBTC custodial service proves its security and reliability yet another time

The decision to disintegrate Bitcoin Private (BTCP) coin from HitBTC platform was made after we’ve determined project’s incapability to protect its blockchain users and partners from the consequences of the arguable Coin Burn decision.

Our team reached out to BTCP developers team with a request to help moving BTCP coins from a wallet that would not be safeguarded from a coin burn, however they could not provide us a reliable secure instrument to move the funds from the segwit addresses before the hard fork, which resulted in them burning a part of the funds still remaining in our custody. Never in the history of our platform our users have lost the funds kept in our custody and this is the practice we don’t ever want to disrupt. Therefore, HitBTC has compensated all the custody losses.

This situation is a good example of how important it is not to change the rules in existing blockchains if those changes can have a negative impact on the users.

BTCP withdrawals from HitBTC are open and all users holding BTCP on their accounts can take all the assets out at any moment.

VRA integration and trading contest announcement


VRADear traders,

We are very glad to welcome $VRA by Verasity on HitBTC exchange. Verasity is a platform to host streaming videos that will reward both their creators and viewers with an internal cryptocurrency. The platform’s features include a “proof of view” verification that monitors users’ interest, advertising that pays users for their attention, and the opportunity for viewers to fund their favorite creators by purchasing a share of their future earnings. The Verasity protocol provides the infrastructure and tools required to build a supercharged online video experience.

For more information on Verasity, please visit: https://verasity.io/

$VRA by @verasitytech will be available for trading on HitBTC against $BTC and $ETH starting from 11 March.

We will also launch a competition of traders in which traders will be able to win a prize in the amount of 30 000 000 VRA. You can see all contest rules on our trading contest page: https://hitbtc.com/trading-contest/24

VEO integration announcement

Dear traders,

We are glad to announce the integration of Amoveo ($VEO), a blockchain for derivatives smart contracts that can be used for investment, insurance, stablecoins, prediction markets, crowdfunding and so much more.

Created single handedly by Zack Hess, who previously co-founded Augur and Aeternity, Amoveo is a unique project moulded by its community. As per its roadmap, Amoveo will always be tailored and improved in accordance with its users’ wants and needs. The community also plays an integral role in Amoveo’s governance, as every single variable such as block size, miners’ rewards and so on can be modified using futarchy, a betting-type governance mechanism.

Amoveo has a sophisticated oracle system that doesn’t need sub-currencies and is able to escalate its defence in case of an attack, making them both more affordable and reliable than its competitors. Moreover, Amoveo smart contracts are built on top of the p2p channel system, and Lightning Network allows for smart contacts with more than two participants, which is infinitely faster than waiting for a confirmation of every single transaction.

It is a fair coin with no ICO, no pre-mine, a dedicated community and an ever-growing number of use-cases. For more information, visit https://amoveo.io/ and join the conversation on https://t.me/amoveo.

Trading fee tier system is going live

Dear Traders,

Reminder: Today our new trading fee tier system is going live! This new tier system will reward our community members for high volume trading. Furthermore, by incentivizing high trade volumes we anticipate an increase in liquidity to all trading pairs creating an even better trade environment for all members.

Tier table can be found at the bottom of the page

How it works:
● To put it simply, the more each user trades, the lower their trading fees will be.
● Each day at 00:00 AM UTC the trade volume of the users past 30 days will be calculated and their fees will automatically be updated within the hour.
● The users trade volume will be determined according to the total amount traded equivalent to BTC at the time of the trade.
● In addition to rewarding high volume users, long time and high activity users can also expect special conditions and will be contacted directly.

The trading fee tier system will be implemented in two stages. For any questions about our new trading tier system please feel free to reach out to us in our Telegram support chat: https://t.me/EN_HitBTC

Level Volume, BTC Maker Fee, % Taker Fee, %
0 >= 0 0.1 0.2
1 >= 100 0.08 0.2
2 >= 200 0.06 0.2
3 >= 500 0.04 0.2
4 >= 1 000 0.02 0.2
5 >= 1 500 0.0 0.2
6 >= 2 000 0.0 0.18
7 >= 3 000 0.0 0.16
8 >= 4 000 0.0 0.14
9 >= 5 000 0.0 0.12
10 >= 6 000 -0.01 0.1
11 >= 60 000 -0.01 0.09
12 >= 200 000 -0.01 0.085
13 >= 600 000 -0.01 0.075
14 >= 2 000 000 -0.01 0.06
15 >= 6 000 000 -0.01 0.055