Alphacat – Robo-Advisor marketplace powered by AI and Big Data

Dear traders,

ACAT, the token of the Alphacat platform is now being traded on HitBTC. Alphacat is a decentralized marketplace for simple-to-use yet powerful robo-advisors focused on cryptocurrency investment. It’s built using the NEO platform and developed by an all-star team mainly composed of Wall Street financial experts and former team members of Google’s Artificial Intelligence program.

Alphacat’s predictive investment tools give its users a competitive edge by leveraging proven and patented trading algorithms and combines them with advanced Artificial Intelligence and Big-data technologies.

The goal of Alphacat is to make investing in cryptocurrencies easy and accessible for everyone regardless of their background or experience and to bring the advantages of financial technology into the world of digital assets.

As soon as the Alphacat Project was launched, it has received more than 20 institutional and individual investments, including Node Capital, ChainFunder, Preangel Capital, Chainliker Fund, Water Drop Capital, Prophet Capital, Probe Angel Investment, Fireball Finance, Roots capital, Alpha Connect, Next Blockchain Fund, CFun, BIT168 Fund, Block VC, Energy Blockchain Fund, etc.

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