Aeron – Blockchain for Aviation Safety

Dear traders! We are thrilled to announce the soon listing of Aeron (ARN) – the token of an ambitious project meaning to increase the aviation safety via blockchain technologies.


Aviation has long become an important part of a our life. We can’t imagine business and holidays without being able to get on a plane and be carried away hundreds of kilometers away within a matter of hours. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that safety of aerotravel is imperative. On the one hand, air transport is considered to be one of the most secure means of transportation. On the other hand, the number of accidents related to it is 3302 per year on average (including general and commercial aviation).










Aeron has a strong belief that aviation safety can be drastically improved with help of blockchain technologies. Such issues as lack of piloting experience, possible corruption in flight schools, wrong stats from aircraft operators and general lack of a system for data tampering prevention can all be tackled with new technologies.  


The solution offered by Aeron will ensure the immutability of stored data, as blockchain is a transparent environment where everything can be traced and proven, but can’t be altered. Additional protection of data will be ensured by multi-signature authentication system. Thus, any possibility of fraud, censorship or loss of the essential records would be excluded, minimizing the risk of accidents.   


The ecosystem will consist of 3 key products: pilot app, the web portal and the aviation company app. The pilot would keep record of the flight hours in the personal app, while the companies would use the application to enter  the logs from flight schools, aircraft operators and other sources. The web portal would serve as a convenient database interface for passengers, flight school students and general public interested in aviation. If any irregularity or mistake happens, it can be quickly detected and resolved by competent authorities.


Aeron (ARN) token has been introduced for further development of the platform and is currently on ICO stage. Apart from trading it against BTC and ETH, holders will be able to pay for flight offers with it and pay for Aeron services.

If you want to learn more about Aeron, kindly visit the project’s official website.