Hedge market update

Dear traders,


Hedge is undergoing several changes and making updates to the token’s technological background with the purpose of reissuing it. Following the official request made by Hedge and bearing in mind the technical circumstances, we are halting HDG deposits starting from 11:00 UTC February, 22  and closing withdrawals on Friday, 23.


Please find the full plan below:


  1. At 11:00 UTC February 22, HDG deposits will be suspended.
  2. On February 23, 19:00 UTC all withdrawals for HDG will be disabled. Please withdraw your HDG tokens before this moment. Otherwise, contact HDG team directly at info@hedge-crypto.com.
  3. HDG/ ETH market will stay active as we will be discussing further cooperation with Hedge. We will notify you in case of any changes in circumstances.


Stay tuned for further updates and announcements.



HitBTC  Team

Playkey – Decentralized Cloud Gaming Platform

Dear traders,


We are happy to announce the listing of the PKT (Playkey token) and introduce to you a cloud gaming platform Playkey.


PKT – Playkey Token – is the cryptocurrency to be used within the Playkey decentralized cloud gaming ecosystem for miners and computer gamers. The Playkey ICO completed in the end of November 2017 with the result of more than $10,5M raise.
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Neufund – A Community-owned Fundraising platform

Dear traders,

We are excited to announce the listing of Neumark (NEU), the token of Neufund Platform.

Neufund is building a community-owned fundraising platform. They are making an upgraded version of the popular ICO mechanism available to companies for fundraising and financing purposes. With the platform any company – blockchain or not – can “tokenize” itself in a way that is legally and technically secure.

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Curriculum Vitae Chain – one-stop solution for the recruitment industry

Dear traders,

We are glad to announce the soon listing of Curriculum Vitae Chain token CVH on HitBTC.

Curriculum Vitae Chain is a blockchain-based platform that aims to eradicate time-consuming practices of checking the CVs of potential employees for employers and enable those seeking jobs to keep a verified track record of their employment and studies. The project would be able to provide a one-stop solution for the problems recruitment industry is facing right now. Continue reading

indaHash – Tokenizing the Influencer Industry

Dear traders,


We are excited to announce the listing of the indaHash token, a digital currency and reward tool for influencers, brands and fans.


History of the company


indaHash is a mobile, app-based platform that connects over 400,000 social influencers with brands like Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, Unilever, T-Mobile and more. indaHash is an established business with a working product.

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Premine market update: ceasing trading and delisting the token

Dear traders,

Our main goal is to continue providing you with the richest choice of valuable instruments. We are constantly keeping our markets list up to date, tracking activity on each market and keeping an eye on major events taking place in crypto industry.

Premine (titled as PRE) markets have been losing their popularity recently. Eventually there were no trades performing at all, overall trading volume dropping to zero.

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Introducing System Health Page

Dear traders,


Transparency and reliability are among HitBTC core values since its launch in 2013. We want to keep being a trusted partner for our traders and relentlessly seek new ways to do it.


We are proud to introduce System Health page to provide you with timely updates regarding current state of HitBTC systems and services. It is a tool enabling our traders to monitor availability and performance on our platform in real time.

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