Medical Token Currency (MTC) Airdrop

Dear traders,

We are glad to announce the upcoming MTC airdrop. All active traders holding MTC will receive 5.56% of the total account balance (including main and trading account balances) as it was at May 31st, 18:00:00 GMT.

Medical Token Currency (MTC) is the token of the Docademic platform that has created free basic healthcare through telemedicine.

Check your account to see if you are a recipient.


Restart of the IDH market

Dear traders,

The HitBTC team works to improve the trading experience, the range of instruments and opportunities on our platform.  We have received numerous requests for adjusting the IndaHash trading process – so starting from today the IDH price becomes more variable, precise and convenient due to more available decimal places.

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Faceter – know the people around you

Dear traders,

We are glad to announce that FACE token, the native token of the Faceter platform is now being traded on HitBTC.

Faceter is an advanced intelligent software for videostream analysis and facial recognition for business, government and consumers, developed to significantly reduce crime in the society. The computer vision technology on the blockchain powered by a decentralized network of miners makes the product affordable for all-sized businesses and mass market consumers.

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Alphacat – Robo-Advisor marketplace powered by AI and Big Data

Dear traders,

ACAT, the token of the Alphacat platform is now being traded on HitBTC. Alphacat is a decentralized marketplace for simple-to-use yet powerful robo-advisors focused on cryptocurrency investment. It’s built using the NEO platform and developed by an all-star team mainly composed of Wall Street financial experts and former team members of Google’s Artificial Intelligence program.

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Jury.Online – responsible ICO platform

Dear traders,

we are glad to announce that JOT, the token of the Jury.Online platform, is now offered for trading on HitBTC.

Jury.Online is developed to be a space for holding secure ICOs using the creative combination of the most advanced means of scam controlling, smart contracts, escrow and arbitration. The main idea of the Jury.Online project is to help investors to control funds expenditure and help ICO projects to attract investments through the arbitration regulation.

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HitBTC is preparing to launch a regulated subsidiary in Japan

3 June 2018

HitBTC, the world’s most technologically advanced exchange platform, has been lining up regulatory infrastructure to establish licensed subsidiary in Japan. The company has been in consultation with the regulator and decided to suspend its operations for Japanese residents to comply with current regulation. The measure has been taken in response to recent regulatory changes by the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA), and will apply only to those living in the country.

Previously this year, HitBTC team started working with a worldwide-recognized Japanese law firm, the cooperation aimed to get HitBTC through the local subsidiary setup and licensing procedure to resume its services for Japan residents. The company is actively hiring for the local office and exploring M&A opportunities to expedite the launch of the Japanese operations in Q3 2018”.

“We would like to thank all our customers from Japan for your support and loyalty, – the HitBTC team representative says, – Being among the industry leaders means not only developing outstanding technology to contribute to the industry growth, but also an incredible level of responsibility. This of course includes responsibility for users’ security and higher level of service, but at the same time compliance to the regulations is essential for keeping the market civilized. Bearing in mind extensive regulatory approvals we are yet confident to restart the business very soon.

HitBTC has been working closely with authorities and regulatory bodies from different regions worldwide. The HitBTC team has allocated great resources and focus on the APAC region and on the future growth in the region.

About HitBTC

Since 2013, HitBTC has been the world’s most technologically advanced cryptocurrency exchange.
Created as a collaboration between outstanding technical minds, high-level finance professionals and experienced traders, HitBTC has delivered the most reliable, fast and powerful platform in its segment. The HitBTC team strives for maintaining this forefront position in accordance with the new security requirements, regulations and the heightened service level demand of the crypto trading industry.

Margin trading on HitBTC

Dear traders,
Following numerous requests, HitBTC is launching a dedicated service for margin trading in collaboration with our partner Weltrade.
With this service you will be able to use leverage 1:3, margin trade at HitBTC at any moment, open long or short positions and withdraw money in just 30 minutes 24/7. Please follow this link to learn more and register.
We wish you happy trading.